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Ban gambling adverts and limit online stakes, say UK MPs

The United Kingdom gambling industry is rocked by the decisions made by an increasingly vocal group of the parliament. The MPs claim that change is long due and are willing to bring about a tidal wave of changes to UK gambling laws. Advertisements and high-stakes slots are in their cross hairs and they enjoy strong support from a significant percentage of the population. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates the gaming industry and it will implement these changes if needed.

The end of TV and Internet gambling ads

One of the top priorities of the members of the parliament is to put an end to all forms of gambling ads. The first priority is to deny online and land-based casinos the opportunity of advertising their services on television and you can read more here. These advertisements have played a significant role in promoting such brands and they continue to rely on them to spread the news. Since the coronavirus crisis hit, people have spent more time indoors, so they were more exposed to TV ads of all sorts, including gambling.

The initiative to ban all forms of gambling from TV isn’t exactly new, as the MPs have contemplated this avenue several times in the past. This time, they seem to have enough support from wide swaths of the community and are ready to push forward with their plan. Banning gambling adverts from TV would send shock waves throughout the industry, as it would deprive them of an essential marketing tool. Casinos are already struggling to maintain their customer base while convincing new players to tag along.

TV ads would represent just the tip of the iceberg, because all forms of gambling at first are being targeted by the members of the parliament. A potentially crushing blow to the industry would be delivered in the form of an Internet ban on gambling ads. This is the environment used by casinos to attract new players, which makes perfect sense since they operate over the Internet. If they are no longer allowed to promote their services, it will be nearly impossible to effectively reach prospective players.

Lower limits for online stakes

Another direction pursued by the members of the parliament worried about the dangers of gambling is the limitation of online stakes. They believe that Internet casinos allow punters to bet amounts that are simply too large for their means, which jeopardizes their financial well-being. The announcement of a £2 stake limit on online slot machines came as a shock for Internet casinos, who rely heavily on these gaming genre. Most of the people who play online spin the reels of slots due to their simplicity and fun nature.

The decision to limit the online stakes for slots is justified by the risks of losing large amounts over a short period of time. If this decision is implemented, casinos will have their profits diminished, but it shouldn’t hurt them too badly. On the other side, punters should still be able to enjoy the same fun experience of playing slots without risking too much money.
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