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Types of Vehicle Filters

There are different types of filters that are used in every vehicle such as air filters, oil filters, cabin filters and fuel filters. You need to be aware of what each does so that you can keep up better maintenance and ensure that your vehicle is at its peak performance. This will be affected when there is no clean oil, air or fuel for the car. These filters prevent contaminants from getting into the engine. When the filters get dirty, they need to be cleaned or replaced so that you can avoid mechanical problems from cropping up from time to time.

Air Filters

An air filter allows clean air to be taken into the engine. The filter ensures that any contaminants such as pollen, insects, dirt, grime, dust etc. are screened before the air is transferred to the engine. When you see vehicles on the road that are blowing black smoke out of the exhaust, it means that the engine is burning too much fuel and it can indicate an issue with the filter. Air filters are very easy to clean as all you need to do is remove the intake hose that is attached to the air collection box. Once this is removed, you can lift the filter out of the box. Check to see if you can see any light through it when you hold it up. If you can’t see anything, then it is time to clean the filter or make a replacement.

Oil Filters

There are many engine components that need to be kept constantly lubricated by oil for their smooth function. When the oil runs low and lubrication is affected, the engine can overhead. This can cause many components to wear out a lot faster. But when oil passes through the engine, it will pick up contaminants and will no longer be clean. These contaminants will be cleaned by an oil filter so that the grime and dirt is kept out of the engine. This is crucial for longer engine life and fuel mileage. It is best to change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

Cabin Filters

The cabin air filter is responsible for maintaining clean air inside the cabin by screening out exhaust fumes, pollen, dust, insects and other contaminants. Therefore, you will not be breathing in pollutants when you drive. The cabin filter will function whether you are using the air conditioner or not. This is a component of the vehicle ventilation system. Your air conditioning system will also be protected from the same pollutants due to the function of the cabin filter. You may need a professional to change this filter depending on where it is located and the level of access you have.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters make sure that water and dirt are kept out of your engine. This is a cartridge that is placed in the fuel line and it carries a screen to catch all the contaminants before fuel passes to the fuel injector. There will be a drop in the performance of the car or your car may start to misfire when the time is near to replace a new filter. Most car manuals will give an indication about how frequently the filter needs to be changed.

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