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Looking For a New Career? Here’s 3 Exciting Industries to Look Into

Opportunities and Pathways
Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to do for a living. Others take time to experiment before they can decide what career will suit them. For some people, it’s possible that their dream industry is only just emerging now with technological changes. Below you’ll find a list of three industries for you to consider working in both now and into the future.

1. Health

While the health industry may be ageless, the opportunities in this field continue to evolve and change on an almost daily basis. Just think – many of the ailments and illnesses specialists treated at the start of last century are never seen anymore and in this day and age where whole face transplants or bionic eyesight and hearing are realities, health and medical sciences will always be a dynamic, exciting industry that has a real impact on every day people and their families. If you are considering a career in medicine or are ready to start applying for health jobs contact a leading HR and recruitment agency like Chandler Macleod so that you can start looking at your opportunities and pathways today.

2. Digital Currencies

It’s difficult to put a tangible figure on what digital currencies are currently worth but if venture capital investment alone is considered, it’s a burgeoning field already worth over $140 million. Unfortunately because it is such a new field, nobody has experience yet and there are limited ground-breaking case studies to help show the way. Still it’s not impossible to get your start. Industry experts tip that those with an interest in digital currencies and transferrable skills are the ones who will most likely get noticed and hired. Just be warned though – these positions aren’t likely to ever show up on a job board but if you’re already dabbling in a virtual currency you’re probably well aware of that – and who the movers and shakers are that you should be contacting for work opportunities!

3. Digital Security

With some high-profile data breaches occurring in recent times (the Sony network and a notorious cheating website are both big-name victims), digital and data security is on the verge of becoming big business. And it’s not just personal information that needs to be better protected – sensitive company intellectual property is potentially at stake. It is tipped that those with an IT background and the type of analytical mindset to be able to basically outthink the hackers and criminals are the people who are likely to be in high demand as the world starts to really think about how to keep their valuable information secure.

There is a lot of talk about jobs that will become obsolete as technology advances, but as the health and security industries show, things may change but there will always be a demand for skilled, passionate workers in these fields.

Can you think of any other roles or industries emerging today that weren’t around in the past? What advice would you give to people trying to break into these industries?

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