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Does the smart drug Modafinil actually make you smarter?

Does Using Modafinil Make You Smarter?


Modafinil is popular nowadays because it promotes an alert state of mind which favors productivity. It was initially manufactured and marketed by a single company. However, nowadays, it is widely available online. Its initial purpose was to treat sleep apnea, narcolepsy, excessive sleepiness, or shift work disorder. If you’ve experienced working night shifts, you know how difficult it is to stay awake at night, as well as sleeping during the day. So taking the drug one hour before a night shift should help you get through that shift without experiencing sleep-related cognitive decline.

Modafinil remains widely used for other purposes in addition to the medically-related one. ModafinilECN is a blog that explores the nootropic properties of Modafinil and how it can help one lead a better life. One of these needs continues to increase the amount of study time a student can get before a test. So, while the drug doesn’t exactly make you smarter, it will enable you to study longer, learn more, and get better grades.

Beware, though… You’re only pumping up the motors, not substituting fuel. While Modafinil improves alertness but your brain needs it shut-down and essential nutrients. It can’t take the place of receiving a good night’s sleep. Please be sure to get as much rest as possible and try to eat as healthy as you can.

If you’ve never taken Modafinil before, don’t drive, use heavy machinery, or do anything else that requires you to remain alert while you’re taking this medication.

Furthermore, Modafinil might change the way you think or react to some situations, making you either more impatient or antisocial.


How to take Modafinil


The normal dose varies between 100mg to 200mg, depending on body weight, tolerance and intended use. Your doctor will give more specific instructions on using this drug to get its best effects. Taking other medications along with Modafinil changes the way this medication works, so try to take it by itself. Don’t drink alcohol or use other drugs while taking Modafinil. Supplements and herbs might also change the way this drug works for you.


Using Modafinil as a Cognitive Enhancer


The effectiveness of using Modafinil as a cognitive enhancer hasn’t been medically established at this time. If you’re patient enough, read this long and detailed report about using Modafinil for productivity and creativity. Many people who take the drug have discovered they can study longer and achieve more. You might also use Modafinil for productivity if you have a long stretch to work or study to get ahead of the learning game.


Use of Modafinil in the Military


Several countries have used Modafinil as a substitute for amphetamine drugs during long sieges in combat situations. If sleep deprivation is anticipated during a lengthy mission, the French government allows the drug’s use, especially in the Foreign Legion, in covert operations.

The United Kingdom’s Defense Ministry recently delved into using modafinil to enhance its troops’ wakefulness. And, in 2011, the Indian Airforce decided to use modafinil in its military contingency plans.

The US military uses modafinil on specific Air Force missions, as well as for other uses. In fact, modafinil remains the US military’s primary medication for use for drowsiness during long missions. Using modafinil has replaced using amphetamines such as dextroamphetamine for these purposes.

Canada’s Medical Association reports that astronauts on the International Space Station use this medication. Modafinil for productivity purposes remains used when these astronauts have problems with their circadian rhythms in space. They use Modafinil for cognitive enhancement and alertness while on the International Space Station.


Addiction and Dependency Potential of Modafinil


Modafinil’s addiction and dependency rates remain relatively low, even when the drug is used off-label. If you take into account toxicity and side effects, then it is infinitely better than amphetamines. The drug also elevates a person’s mood in a similar way to amphetamines. However, there is no significant danger of addiction when compared to amphetamines. Modafinil remains a Schedule IV prescription drug, which means it has valid medical uses with low potential for addiction.


Tolerance Levels and Psychiatric Reactions to Modafinil


Many studies have been made and proven that tolerance doesn’t develop for those who use the drug regularly, although with regular breaks. For a substance to develop a tolerance to your body, you’d need to take increasing amounts of the drug to receive the same effect. These studies remained true even after modafinil was used for up to three years. Hence, you won’t need to increase your dose of Modafinil to help you study or work.

Psychiatric reactions have occurred in those who use the drug. These reactions happened in people who used the drug both with and without a pre-existing psychiatric diagnosis history. If you have mental health issues, please talk to your doctor about whether taking modafinil is a safe option for you.


Using Modafinil for Cognitive Enhancement


Modafinil has been shown to enhance people’s cognitive abilities such as the ability to focus better and longer, an increase in alertness and overall on-task performance. Furthermore, if you take the medication during times when you need to work additional hours or study longer, you’ll be able to stay awake longer to study. Taking this drug can help improve your grades, help you get your work done, keep you awake during the night shift, and get better grades on Modafinil.