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Tips To Cure Hormonal Acne Naturally

Hormonal acne can cause not only discomfort but also loss of confidence. So, if you are facing this heartbreaking condition, it is best if you treat it immediately. Natural remedies for hormonal acne suggestions are all over the internet and since you are so desperate to get rid of them, you may try almost everything you see.

Hormonal acne does not only affect women aged 20 to 29, although this age range is the most prone to it, but adults may also experience this not so good skin condition.

Natural Remedy For Hormonal Acne

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the most popular natural remedy for hormonal acne. Just like to other vinegars you know, it fight many kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture

  • Combine three parts of water to one part of the apple cider vinegar. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to add more water

  • After cleansing the face, apply the mixed ACV to your skin using cotton

  • Let it sit for five to twenty seconds and rinse with clean water

  • Do this once or twice a day or as often as needed

Since ACV may cause burns, use a small amount of it and dilute it with water when using

  • Make a Cinnamon And Honey Mask

Both cinnamon and honey are best to provide antioxidants. Some studies show that applying antioxidants to skin can reduce acne compared to retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.

Cinnamon and honey are also known to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria, which are well known culprits of acne.

Cinnamon and Honey Mask Mixture

  • Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of honey to form a paste like texture

  • Cleanse your face and apply the mixture to the face. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes

  • Rinse it off

  • Spot Treat Using Tea Tree Oil

Infused from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, tea tree is popular in its ability to reduce inflammation of the skin and fight bacteria. Same as with the ACV, tea tree oil can burn skin hence diluting it to water before use is a must.

Tea Tree Oil Mixture

  • Combine nine parts of water to one part of tea tree oil

  • Using a cotton swap, dip it into the mixture and apply it directly on the affected areas

  • If you want, you can apply moisturizer

  • Do this process one to two times per day

  • Exfoliate The Skin Regularly

This beauty regimen removes the top layer of the dead skin cells. You can use a scrub or brush to work on exfoliation. There are many scrubbing products sold in the marker, but, if you want all natural, use salt and sugar.

  • Combine equal parts of salt or sugar and coconut oil

  • Scrub it in your skin and rinse

  • Exfoliate only up to once a day

  • Reduce Stress

Stress can cause skin inflammation and increase the production of sebum, and these can make your acne worse.

To reduce stress you can engage in different physical activities, meditate, get enough sleep and do yoga.