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Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Miami: Your One Point Hrt Solution

Bioidentical hormones are natural. They are plant based hormone substances made from yams and soy and match the function and molecular structure of human hormones. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT) is given for women and men in different forms including troches, creams , pills and injections. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Miami uses hormones that are similar on the molecular level to the hormones in the body. Hormone levels are checked throughout the process to find out the proper balance. The hormone replacement therapy Miami works by Hormone modulation which emphasizes restoring hormones to normal, acceptable, healthy levels and making your body return to good health.

Hormone Balance - As women and men age, most of them suffer from symptoms caused by reducing levels of reproductive hormones. Both women and men can have unique hormonal problems.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms In Women

Mood swings

Night sweats

Hot flashes

Fuzzy thinking

Reduced sex drive


Weight gain

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms In Men

Poor sleep


Difficulty maintaining erections

Increased body fat


Lack of sex drive


Both women and men complain of memory problems, fatigue, headaches and relationship issues. These complaints are treated with prescription drugs to mask the symptoms, the true underlying causes are not addressed adequately.

The imbalance or absence of certain hormones is the primary cause of these symptoms. As we grow old, our bodies become less efficient in producing proper levels of hormones for body function. Poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle and toxins cause molecular stress in the body and serious hormonal imbalances.

With minimal intervention, a medicine physician helps patients with hormonal deficiencies to regain their vitality and health.

How Does The Body Respond Differently To Bio Identical Hormones?

The body identifies them as Natural. This helps them to bind to the same receptors as human counterparts.

Bioidentical hormones produce the similar physiologic response as their human counterparts. Bioidentical can thus provide main support to the body organs, cells and tissues.

Bioidentical can be compounded to meet the dosage needs of each person. This is not possible always with mass produced Pharmaceutical synthetics.

Find Your Inner Fitness - Longevity For Men.

Testosterone treatment has evolved in the last few years greatly, all the research agrees that this is an important hormone for all men well being. After 30 years of age it shows that the testosterone level in men begins to decline at a rate of 0.5% - 2% early on average, it depends on the lifestyle. For men above the age of 40 there is Greater decline on average of 5% to 20%. This is known as andropause which is the male version of Menopause in women.

To maintain healthy levels of testosterone is to maintain good levels of reproductive tissues, optimal levels of sexual functions, improve muscle mass, increase energy and strength, better bone density, improvement in cardio metabolic disease and improvement in diabetes. Once your process begins, you will be tested to measure your current levels and your physician can give you a treatment that will bring your health to optimal levels.

When it is a matter of your health, you don't compromise quality and attentive care. You can search for a Miami clinic that has excellent opening hours and highly qualified medical professionals. They provide well-rounded support for patients, ranging from medical care to dealing with medical insurance.