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What are Chiropractic treatments all about?

Chiropractic treatment involves many different modalities and techniques mainly for musculoskeletal pain relief and injury management. Spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments of the spine are seen as the central or main modality used by the majority of chiropractors. Your Chiropractor Sydney CBD incorporates adjustments, soft tissue massage and rehabilitation to that help relieve you of back pain, sciatica, migraines, headaches, and many other painful conditions.

The information below are the most common FAQs related to Chiropractic.

What is the average cost of chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractor Sydney CBD services range between $70 and $100 per session. Cost will be higher for the initial appointment which is longer and less for the ongoing treatments.

Is it essential to get the X-rays done prior to seeing a chiropractor?

This depends on each individual basis, if there is a history of trauma or signs and symptoms of a more serious cause of back pain x-rays can be helpful to distinguish between a medical problem and nonspecific or musculoskeletal back pain. Some chiropractors will use x-rays for more general purposes, but it is often not recommended to do unless clinically necessary as a lot of things that show up on x-rays are not always related to peoples back pain and may be a coincidental finding. In fact, for some people taking x-rays may make the problem worse as they may become fearful that they have a “broken” spine and may overcompensate by trying to protect the area too much by limiting movement, exercise, and daily activities out of fear. Your chiropractor will need to decide if x-rays are needed once they have assessed you.

The majority of the time, physical therapy is enough to help injuries heal. In certain circumstances, however, chiropractors may be able to offer more relief by recommending a different technique for treating the injury known as Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Click here to learn about the best neck pain treatment option.

Is it recommended to consider chiropractic techniques for healing low back pain?

The chiropractic goal in the treatment of the low back pain is to find and correct the underlying source of low back pain rather than just treating the symptoms which often lead to short term results. The Chiropractor Sydney CBD approach always ensures the body starts healing and becomes stronger without the use of medications or surgery. It can help by removing any spinal dysfunction which may be leading to low back pain, by correcting joint movement, mobility, and muscle tension. It is always best to get low back pain treated in its early stages in order to prevent it from becoming a chronic or ongoing condition, which often makes managing it more difficult.

Chiropractic treatment is safe and effective when compared to many other conventional treatments.

What are some other common complaints seen by a chiropractor?

Chiropractor Sydney CBD see’ many different musculoskeletal conditions, the top 3 besides low back pain is neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches. Often these are related with most people suffering simultaneously with shoulder pain and neck pain and may accompany headaches. Treatment to the spine and muscles of the upper back and neck can be very effective in managing these issues, sitting is a major contributing factor and advice on how to set up your sitting posture or office so it is ergonomically correct may also req be required.

Although hands on techniques are very important when it comes to chiropractic, it is also important to treat the person as a whole by looking and their lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep patterns and stress as these may all be contributing factors.

What are some chiropractic techniques?

As mentioned previously chiropractic adjustments are central to chiropractic care. But very often a multi-modality approach is often needed for quick and lasing relief. Trigger point therapy, sports massage, heat, rehabilitation exercises, dry needling, and electronic devices such as hand help massagers or tens machines may also be used. Chiropractor Sydney CBD is a chiropractor as well as being an experienced massage therapist incorporates some of the most advanced soft tissue and muscle release techniques not offered by the vast majority of chiropractors practicing today. Longer treatment times are also on offer for a non-rushed and wholistic approach. It may also be required to not only treat locally around the painful area but to assess and treat a distant area as this may be causing compensations elsewhere in the body and pain felt in one area may actually be stemming from a different part of the body.

What can be the side effects of the chiropractic technique?

Although chiropractic is considered very safe it is not uncommon to feel to feel a little tender or sore on the muscles, it can be compared to doing exercise for the first time and the muscles just need a little time to recover. Bruising may also occur particularly where knots have been massaged this only takes 24-48 hours after the treatment to return to normal. People may feel lightheaded as they have been laying face down for an extended period of time and blood pressure may drop, if that is the case just take a seat drink some water in this usually passes in a couple of minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

There are many factors involved in determining how many treatments may be necessary to resolve your complaint. The longer you have been suffering generally speaking it will take longer to recover hence more treatments, this is why it is always important to seek treatment as soon as any discomfort is felt. The general health of the individual may also be a determining factor, if someone is healthy, exercises regularly, eats a good diet they will usually be more responsive to treatment and require less. Generally speaking though most people will get relief in 4-8 treatments. Chiropractor Sydney CBD number one goal is to get you feeling better and moving pain free in as few treatments as possible so you can go back to enjoying your life without being burdened by pain.

How can chiropractic therapies help in the treatment of Arthritis pain?

Chiropractic can help relieve pain by mobilizing any affected joint to help increase pain free range of motion, strengthening exercises may also be recommended as well as supplements to help manage arthritic pain naturally.


It is worth keeping in mind these facts associated with Chiropractor Sydney CBD when deciding who is best to help manage your pain effectively. Consider getting slipped disc treatment singapore if you are travelling.

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