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Having Digestive Issues? Try these Ayurvedic Tips

The digestive system is responsible for the overall health of your body. Ancient Indian medical science called Ayurveda suggests that the digestive fire (Agni) is responsible for maintaining physical health and it’s how your give to that symbolic fire determines your overall health. The key to good health lies in your digestion abilities. Due to its many benefits, experts recommend including Ayurveda practices in the main health care system as well.

A weak digestive system comes with its troubles. This leads to various problems such as bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, vomiting, nausea and eventually lack of sleep. In the end, you will constantly feel discomfort and won’t be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Ayurveda specialists recommend several techniques which will strengthen your digestive fire meaning your digestive system will perform to the fullest. Remember, the more we drift apart from nature the more we suffer. So incorporate these practices into your daily routine and you will soon feel the difference.


It has been studied that meditation is immensely important for good well being. Meditation causes genetic changes which help restore the body’s homeostasis including various processes of the body such as digestion. Try meditation for at least 20 minutes twice daily at sunrise and sunset time. You will feel the difference in just a few days.

Physical Activity

A short 15-20 minutes’ walk after each meal is highly recommended for better digestion as it helps the sugar spikes after eating. If you are having conditions like nausea, vomiting GERD, start walking more daily. You can get your medicines for digestive issues such as a free dexilant coupon from PricePro Pharmacy because along with physical activity, medicines are also necessary if digestive issues get worse.

Avoid Overeating

When we try to eat more than our stomach can accumulate, it fails to break down food. Overeating can cause the stomach to produce more acid resulting in reflux, indigestion, bloating and discomfort. Ayurvedic experts recommend leaving one-quarter of the stomach empty to allow the stomach to properly digest the meals.

Ginger Tea

In Ayurveda, ginger is termed as a “universal remedy” owing to its many benefits for the mind and body. Ginger has been used in remedies for more than 2000 years. Ginger relaxes the muscles of the intestines and relieves symptoms of gas and bloating. You can take ginger in tea form and take it after every meal.

Eat the largest meal at lunchtime

Our bodies are most able to digest food and function their best during midday when we are most active. The digestive system secretes the highest concentration of digestive juices and acids to break down meals at noon. So it is advisable to consume a hearty meal at lunchtime. If you eat a big meal at dinner, the stomach fails to break down food during sleep and the digestive system gets weaker. Just remember the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a servant and eat dinner like a pauper”.

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