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Top Reasons An Orthodontist Is Important For Your Smile

When it comes to getting braces for children, many parents refer to their kids' dental specialist as a dentist, but the truth is that there is a better name to describe the specialist. That name is orthodontist, which is often interchanged with the word dentist. Sure, there are several similarities between the two and orthodontia is a form of dentistry. Not only that, but an orthodontist is a dental expert, but they have a focus on the prevention, development and correction of both jaw and teeth irregularities.

However, orthodontists typically have an additional three years of full-time education at a university. They also obtain a General Dental Degree and Specialist Orthodontic degree. Orthodontic team from Claremont Dental uses Invisalign aligners to give you the smile you deserve. With that said, if you want to learn more about what they do, then continue to read on.

What Is Their Specialty

One of the things an orthodontist does is to make sure you have a beautiful smile. They do this by performing tasks such as straightening crooked teeth and fixing overbites. They can also align the jaws.

In that sense, orthodontists are similar to dentists, but only a handful of dentists specialise in the field of orthodontia. Orthodontists are mainly known for helping patients get straighter teeth and for diagnosing a misaligned bite. However, an orthodontist can help with various conditions such as different forms of sleep apnoea and thumb sucking to name a few. Asides from being able to diagnose occlusions, overbites, overcrowded teeth and misaligned jaws and teeth, they are fixing those issues by making braces.

How Can An Orthodontist Help You

An orthodontist's most important job is to determine what type of issues you are having with the alignment and the position of your teeth. One of these issues is a gap between the teeth, and this condition is called diastema. If a patient is diagnosed with this condition, then the orthodontist will pull the teeth closer to close the gap. Another issue they can help with is crowded teeth, which can be fixed via different types of treatment.

One of the most popular treatments to fix several issues is braces. Sure, strengthening teeth does take time, but braces are very effective and this is why patients and orthodontists are fans of them. When it comes to braces, there are different types.

Metal braces are still among the most popular braces on the market because they are inexpensive. Regardless of the type of braces used, some brackets are affixed to the teeth, and wires connect the brackets. In turn, the teeth are pulled together, and eventually, the teeth will become straighter.

When Should You Go To One

Generally speaking, kids should see an orthodontist by the time they turn seven. This is around the age that a specialist finds issues early on, and they can spot potential problems with emerging teeth and the jaw. Treatments are typically more affordable for patients who are children, and later treatments tend to last longer and they are less effective. However, if you are an adult who needs treatment, then you should also see an orthodontist. Remember, getting treatment, later on, is better than not getting any treatment at all.

In many cases, dentists refer their patients to an orthodontist. You can speak with your dentist to see if you should see an orthodontist. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, as well as give you advice about how to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

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