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Tips for kid’s dental hygiene

As a parent, you got to be worried about your child's dental health and oral care. Ensuring that your child is taking care of their teeth and gums can be challenging, since many consider. Kids are always in a playful mood, and spending time doing something so dull as brushing teeth can distract them easily. But we have to make them do it. This article shares a few helpful dental health/hygiene tips and tricks to keep your child's teeth healthy.

Brush Twice a Day

I know. This one is an essential oral hygiene tip, but it's always on top for a good reason. There's nothing more significant for your kid's teeth than regular brushing. That took more than once in a day. Don't miss out on encouraging them to clean their tongue and gums to eliminate the plaque that can linger there.

Floss Before You Sleep

Kids dentist Brisbane states that flossing before bedtime is the healthiest. Using traditional floss can be difficult for kids; to overcome this, you can always use floss picks to make it easy for them.

Change the Toothbrush Regularly

The toothbrush can affect on tooth brushing of your child. Kids dentist Brisbane recommends you replace your child's toothbrush every three months. Frayed bristles cannot clean up properly, so it's essential to change the brush when you notice it.

Have a Tooth-Healthy Diet

Your child's diet actually has a significant impact on their oral health. Eating foods like broccoli, tofu, dairy products, and leafy green vegetables are suitable for calcium levels within your children.

Consult Dentist Regularly

Kids can start seeing a dentist by age 1. Early visits to the dental clinic nearby will provide you with oral hygiene hacks and tips for your children.

Avoid Sweets

Avoid sweets and restrict your child's sugar intake as much as you can. The bacteria present in teeth and cavities convert the sugar into acids, resulting in decay and more cavities.

Skip Soda

Soda is the most harmful drink for your children's teeth. Heavily acidic beverages like soda can wear down the enamel on the teeth, leading to tooth decay, sensitivity, and discoloration. A good dental hygiene tip is to inspire your child to drink water whenever possible, although milk is a good alternative.

Make them Chew Sugarless Gum.

Chewing gum is beneficial for oral hygiene. It stimulates saliva flow and removes acids and bacteria from hindering the teeth. Make sure the gum you are buying for your child is sugarless.

Get a Fluoride Treatment Done

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that promotes strong tooth enamel. These fluoride treatments can help prevent toothache, decay, and cavities. Your kids can get two to four sittings of therapy per year.


Modifying a dental hygiene routine when your youngsters are small is essential. The ground for healthy gums and teeth is laid in the early years of a child's life. Dentists and oral professionals from Kids dentist Brisbane are happy to assist you with dental care for your kids. Take extra care of your child's oral health and make them do it them self too.

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