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How Digital Technology is Helping the Healthcare Sector

We are living in a digital world and with the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G just around the corner, we are about to enter a new dimension of global connectivity and that is good news for every aspect of society. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the world and digital tech stepped in to create telehealth; delivering medical treatment in a virtual environment, which protects both doctor and patient; many Australian general practitioners now offer virtual consultations, which are often enough for the healthcare professional to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe medication.

Eye Care

Many people have vision impairment and the leading optometrists at Microprism Optics use a holistic approach to address vision impairment, using cutting-edge technology. Their goal is to improve visual acuity and perception and the holistic approach involves neuroplasticity and muscle memory, with state-of-the-art equipment to capture hi-res images of the eye. They can effectively treat a wide range of eye conditions, such as:

  • Glaucoma

  • Lazy eye

  • Red eye

  • Conjunctivitis

Special prescription lenses and prisms are precisely made to give the patient perfect vision and tailored solutions ensure a favourable outcome.

Exercise Physio

EP can be delivered via a Zoom video meeting and during the pandemic, the physio sets up a secure virtual environment from which to deliver their treatment. With audio and video, the health professional can demonstrate exercises and watch the patient perform the movements. It’s very much like being in the same room and Covid-restrictions saw the explosion of telehealth care, with many health professionals offering their services in a virtual environment. Here are a few marketing tips for chiropractic clinics.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to radically transform our lives in so many ways; it is already used to diagnose chest X-ray images; developers of machine learning feed more than 100,000 X-ray images into the system and the more images it looks at, the better it becomes at detecting anomalies. When the IoT is up and running, this will be a global platform for digital devices to talk to each other and many systems will be controlled by AI. Imagine a person’s blood sugar level being monitored 24/7, all done remotely, while blood pressure and cardio can be seamlessly tracked. We can all have our health status monitored by AI – you might receive a message while eating breakfast telling you to contact your doctor, as you have a minor health issue that was detected remotely.

Health Records

We now have global databases that store citizen health data and when you visit a doctor in Thailand while on holiday, he or she can instantly bring up your entire medical history. The benefits are indeed many and the application of digital tech within the healthcare sector seems endless. We all deserve to enjoy good health & well-being and with the help of emerging technology, we are moving in the right direction.

The digital revolution is far from over and as we move into the next dimension, healthcare is supported by a wide range of digital applications.

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