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We accept Outside Contributors !

We are accepting Outside Article Contributors !

Be in the headlines ! is here to inform people in any country about business products and services. Too much business news is never enough so we are opening up our site to outside contributors.

Send us your press releases, SEO articles, infographics and business news articles.

Show off. !

Tell us about how good you are at being a retailer, lawyer, designer, builder, real estate agent or hairdresser.

Tell the Internet World about your deals, special offers, travel products, upcoming events.

The cost.



No links to weird websites. One link per article. Link must be related to the content of the business news.

You can send up to 3 images and links to youtube or wistia video so that we can embed the content in business news.

Send your outside news contribution to

Make your payment via PayPal

Send $9.99 to us at paypal account then send the content to either or

We will publish your news article or SEO contribution if it is newsworthy.

We will send the link.

We will submit the page to Google.

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