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Simple ways to make house moving easy

Psychologists are not shy to let it be known that divorce, changing jobs and moving home rank as the three most stressful periods that people can go through. All three of these things can be horribly fraught because they create instability. It is about change and moving from something known to something that is new and unknown. The reasons for making these changes are no doubt informed and considered, all the pros and cons weighed up and factored in, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier – it is always hard to let go of what you know. Having said this, when it comes to moving home at least, there are things that you can do to alleviate the stress. Here are some tips to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Work with experts

It is possible to do a move by yourself. This is certainly the cheapest option. But without a doubt, it won’t be the least stressful option. The reality is that moving companies do relocations for a living. They have all the materials required and they have all the muscle required for the heavy lifting. If you look to do it yourself you will have trucks or trailers to hire or you will need to prevail on friends and family to help with carrying and you will probably need to buy items like blankets, ties, tarpaulins, and boxes. It really is a simpler drawing on the experience of others. If you are not sure who to use, try a Facebook community group and ask for a recommendation. If you use the group belonging to the community, you are moving to you might even make some new friends or contacts along the way. Let your new network know that you are looking for removalists Port Macquarie to Sydney and see what help or advice they can offer.

Use it as an opportunity

Use your move as an opportunity to rid your life of unnecessary clutter. There are so many things that we accumulate in our daily lives that we really don’t need and moving is a great time to decide if those items are really worth taking with you. Remember that you cannot take everything with you, and you can take nothing with you when you die, so use opportunities like moving home to clean out some clutter.

Start packing early

Packing takes a lot longer than you think so start well in advance. And by this we don’t mean a day or two in advance, we mean a few weeks. You will obviously accelerate as you get towards the end but give yourself time and the opportunity to not panic. Remember, you are trying to make the process as stress-free as possible and a mad rush only adds to the stress – both on the packing side and on the unpacking side when you arrive at your destination.

Know your destination

Knowing where you are going makes things easier. Obviously, you know what your destination is, but we mean that it is important to be familiar with it. So, do your research before moving the house. Spend some time (even if it is on holiday) there before committing to it and try to build a network of friends or support prior to your arrival. Maybe you have family there, maybe it is a church group or perhaps works colleagues – whatever it is, it is nice to not be arriving at a completely strange and foreign environment.