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Safe Pest Control 101: Getting to Know the Spiders (And Finding Out the Most Dangerous Arachnid in Sydney!)

Do you think you have spiders at your Sydney home?

Research shows that there are about over 2,000 species of spiders (some are harmless but some are significantly venomous) in Sydney, Australia and one of them might be living with you at home- without you even noticing it! Out of that recorded spider count, there are dangerous arachnids that cause pest infestation and can also threaten your family's safety.

So, let us share with you what you need to know – the species of spiders that may infest your home and the dangerous ones you have to watch out for! But both can be solved by hiring a professional Sydney Pest Control exterminator.

Species of Spiders in Sydney

Common Spiders

These are species of spiders considered to be low-risk and even friendly; though some of them may come off as nuisance household pests.

Brown House Spider (Alternatively called Cupboard Spider, Dark Comb-footed Spider and False Black Widow)

This spider is often confused to have the same appearance of the Red Black Spider due to the similarity of their body size, shape, and webbing except for its' color. As the name suggests, it is often found in cupboards, under furniture and is very fond of undisturbed dark areas inside your house as its' ideal spot. They are non-aggressive type and when accidentally disturbed, they simply drop and lies curled up until they assumed there's no longer apparent danger.

Trap Door Spider

This spider appears to be a relative of the Funnel Web Spider but not associated with the latter's venomous bite. It can grow into an adult size of 35mm body length for females (while males usually have a slimmer body of 20mm length) and is heavily covered with fine hairs. It also has a distinct boxing gloved-shaped palps (sensory feelers positioned at the front of its' head) that is typically present to the males. Often found to be digging its' habitat in a burrow and as a ground dweller, it's very fond of dried open ground areas within the perimeters of your home. Its' bite might not be toxic the same way as the Funnel Web Spider but it can be quite painful due to its' large fangs. Though it rarely bites – only does so when harassed.

Garden Orb Weaver Spider

It is another non-aggressive spider that seldom bites. Generally, they are a large group of spiders with a diverse variety of species. Characteristically, they possess reddish-brown or silvery-grey colorization with distinct leaf-shaped pattern noticeable enough to see on their stout and roughly triangular abdomen. They are builders of large spiral wheel-shaped webs constructed in an organized and circular grid that's made of radial strands of silk. These nocturnal spiders most likely place their webs in openings between trees waiting for their flying insect prey. They rarely bite people, unless you accidentally walk into their webs; which may cause nausea, local pain, and swelling.

Dangerous Spiders

With their fearsome reputation, it is no wonder spiders are a concern of newcomers in Sydney; particularly if you're an Arachnophobe. Though the majority of the spiders are harmless, here is a list of a few of the most notorious spiders:

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

This is recognized to be one of the world's most deadly and highly aggressive spiders in Australia due to its' life-threatening venom. It also becomes a significant pest issue to Sydney homeowners and surrounding areas as influenced by its' ground-dwelling habits. You may see it wandering in your backyard and swimming pools during hot humid nights, looking for a mate. It is very fond of humid sheltered places or urban areas wherein it typically hides either in your closet or even in your footwear left outdoors.

Characteristically, it has a distinct shiny appearance, large fang, and dark brown colorization. At their abdomen, you can find finger-like spinnerets in purplish color thus subjecting to a long, tail-like body structure; while males have a spur on its' legs. It ranges in about 1.5cm up to 3.5cm in body size and that's not even including the span of their legs.

The venom toxicity of this spider is extremely fatal to humans. Once disturbed or cornered it will aggressively inflict multiple bites. Just one of its' six bites can cause a severe reaction that attacks the human nervous system. Its' "flick-knife" hardened fangs are so powerful that they can pierce even through nails. Though there are no confirmed deaths from a spider bite in Australia since 1979, it is still recommended to be attentive on what type of spider might be lurking close to your home. An anti-venom against this spider is available mostly in hospitals so in case you're bitten, seek medical help right away.

Redback Spider

Another dangerous spider that can also be found in urban areas is the Redback Spider. This is famously known for its black appearance accentuated by a distinctive red or orange marking. However, such marking may differ wherein it can be broken spots visible at the front or a more complex pattern on its' back. You must also be wary of the markings as NOT all females show the red mark as they may incorporate white (or yellowish) marks instead.

Characteristically, it can grow into 15mm in body length (for females) or with a smaller size of 5mm long (specifically on male spiders). They commonly reside in mailboxes, garden sheds, roof eaves, logs, flower pots, under rocks by the bush, floorboards, and other dark, dry sheltered places. You can also identify their web featuring a triangle of dry silk. Known to be carnivorous, their diet usually consists of any insects caught in their web but it is not limited to skinks, juvenile mice, frogs, and even snakes.

The venom toxicity of this spider is as dangerous as the Funnel-Web spiders, though the most serious bite often comes from the female Redback spiders. They can inflict a painful bite despite their small fangs and may take up about 1cm long (slightly bigger compared with the size of the bite from male spiders). Once bitten, you may feel an excruciating pain around the bite area. The effects can be severe to the human nervous system wherein a few of the main symptoms may comprise dizziness, lethargy, vomiting, abdominal pain, malaise, pyrexia, and paralysis. However, these cases may last for hours depending on a person's sensitivity to the venom.

Other spiders that are highly venomous are White-tailed Spiders, Mouse Spiders, and Black House Spiders. If you spotted any of these dangerous spiders at home, don't panic. What you need are trained professionals you can trust in removing spiders (common species or even the dangerous ones) out of your home. And that is why Safe Pest Control is here to the rescue! We are can help you get rid of them – fast, efficiently, and even with natural pest home remedies that'll keep the spiders away!

Call us now for expert advice on any pest infestation problems. You can also check out our blog to get more pest control tactics. Book a home & building inspection today and enjoy the FREE quote!