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Tips to Clear a Blocked Drain from a Cronulla Plumber

Blocked drains are arguably the most common plumbing problem that homeowners around the world face.

Drain blockages can be caused by several things—hair, cooking oil, tree roots, random objects, toiletries, food scraps, toys, mineral buildup, and much more.

They’re also unpredictable, especially if you don’t know what’s building up in your pipes, so it’s important to be prepared to handle them otherwise they can do some pretty significant damage to your home’s plumbing

If you’re in the area, you can call Curran Plumbing in Cronulla. In the meantime, read our tips for cleaning a blocked drain.

Tips on Clearing a Blocked Drain

The method that works best for clearing your blocked drain will depend entirely on what caused the blockage in the first place.

Depending on where the blockage is happening, you’ll want to take some time to assess what the cause could be and try out the following options:

Use Boiling Water

Boiling water. It’s that simple.

Boiling water is great at breaking down grease, residual soap, and the bits of food that bind together into drain-blocking clumps. Start with plain boiling water, and if necessary at a little dish detergent to tackle the grease.

If the blockage is in a PVC pipe, make sure to just use hot water rather than boiling so you don’t damage your pipes!

Try Natural Drain Cleaners

If you need something a little stronger than boiling water, a homemade solution of bicarbonate (baking soda) and white distilled vinegar can cut through grease and break down solids.

Just make sure you flush the drain afterwards with hot (or boiling) water to take care of any residue.

Resort to Chemical Cleaners

Commercial caustic cleaners, or chemical cleaners, aren’t the best for the environment but they get the job done. These types of heavy-duty cleaners can dissolve both hair and grease, just make sure to wear eye and hand protection and follow the directions on the bottle.

Be sure to flush your pipes with cold water afterwards—not hot water.

Keep in mind, this method only works on metal pipes.

Grab the Plunger

Plungers aren’t just for the toilet. They’re also another non-toxic solution to blockages as they create an air-based force that can help shift the obstruction.

Of course, they don’t dissolve grease or hair, and you’ll need to seal any overflow drains to help create a seal.

Snake the Drain

If you don’t have a plumber’s drain snake (drain auger), you can use a make-shift one made from a wire coat hanger. You can use this to scrape, poke, and pull at any minor blockages such as hair.

Unblock Your Drain Today

Keep in mind that the above tips are for minimal blockages. They won’t work on tree roots or more serious obstructions—especially if you need a pipe excavation or repairs.

Of course, you can avoid most blockages by simply watching what you flush down them and by maintaining them regularly. For the more serious blockages, you can call Curran Plumbing in Cronulla.

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