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Clear Windows for a Clear View: Expert Window Cleaning Tips

When it comes to the windows, hiring someone to clean them is always the best option. Not only does it help save you money, but it also ensures that you won't have any future trouble signs arising from poor window cleaning practices. How do professional cleaners do it?

Here’s a list of window cleaning tips for a clear view from the experts themselves. Read on.

Do Your Prep Work

Giving your windows a good wipe down before they get dirty or dusty can help avoid the hassle of cleaning later. If you are feeling too busy to do this, then give these simple steps another go, and make sure that each window is well-wiped between wipes.

Before you start shining up those window surfaces, give your home a good rinse and wash to get rid of any dirt or dust.

When it comes to outside windows, use an outdoor nozzle on the garden hose and be careful not to spray full blast because this could cause damage inside. Inside go ahead, fill one bowl with water while using another rag to wipe off all grime from around door frames etc. Just make sure that when doing so, no direct streams are coming into these areas as they will likely still have residue left behind by previous cleaning attempts.

Furthermore, make sure there are no drips by laying down some towels and then use cotton swabs to get the dirt out of corners. Also, go back over the area that needs cleaning with a cloth or paper towel if needed.

Choose Effective Cleaners

Mirror and window cleaners come in many different forms, from traditional chemical brands to homemade natural products. The best way for you will depend on what kind of surfaces you are cleaning.

· Commercial Glass Cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners are formulated to eliminate the chance of streaking or fogging after use. The non-sudsy formula is safe on all surfaces, making it a great choice in places where there is potential damage from harsh chemicals like soap residue left by traditional cleaning products.

· Homemade Alternatives

Homemade glass cleaners are made by simply mixing equal parts vinegar with water in a spray bottle. They are an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to keep your windows clean.

Homemade glass cleaner is a welcome alternative to store-bought cleaners that can be full of chemicals and toxins. Distilled water ensures your home stays clean without any unwanted residue while also avoiding mineral deposits that could cause streaks.

Use the Right Rags

Window cleaning is a tedious task that many people avoid due to the difficulty in getting all of those hard-to-reach places clean. It is not just about making sure your windows are sparkling; you also need something flexible enough for tight corners. Some pads don't work well either because they leave behind residue, which can be frustrating. This is why you should consider microfiber cloths that can clean the glass while providing an efficient way around home maintenance tasks.

Investing in some low lint towels is the best way to clean your windows. Natural chamois cloths can be found at any auto care aisle, and they also work great for this.

Chamois and microfiber towels are the go-to for achieving a clean shine. However, if you need to use cotton, make sure it has a tight weave because this will result in less lint than what would be picked up by standard terry cloth fabric.

Change Up the Direction

The effort that goes into cleaning windows is tedious and time-consuming, but it is worth the reward when you can see your reflection in a flawless window.

You can avoid noticeable strokes by varying the direction you wipe your windows. The best way for this technique to work? Have several passes over unwanted marks using different wiping directions.

You can start by making small circular motions with the cleaning cloth, working within a comfortable range for best results. Then wipe away most of the moisture from the cleaner, as well as streaks that may have been on it too.

Do Plan Ahead

Before starting to wipe your windows, make sure you have all the tools and materials needed. Doing so helps you save time from running around the house to find them.

Also, it is better to clean on a cloudy day or mild weather than a sunny one. Cleaning on a sunny day will leave streaks and marks as the lather will dry quickly. On the other hand, a cloudy day will give you more time before the lather becomes dry.

Summing Up

Window cleaning may not be the most enjoyable task, but with a bit of know-how and some tools, you will have no problem getting through all of your windows. These tips should help you get sparkling windows in no time.

However, if you’re not confident about your skills to do it or you simply have no time for it, you should consider hiring professional cleaners. These experts possess experience and knowledge of what they should do and how much time they would need in cleaning windows. They also have the right tools to do the job. They will help you get the job done immediately.

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