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A Beginner’s Guide on What Attracts Rats Inside Your House

No matter how much you adored ‘Ratatouille’ – the movie, not the dish – rats in or around your property is nuisance, unless you purchased them from a store. Apart from being outright disgusting, they can pose severe health risk.

According to the experts providing pest control Perth, rats tend to spread disease through their droppings and urine. Rat bite can cause renal failure in human beings and trigger a wide range of complications in pets. There’s also hantavirus. You do not have to handle rats to catch this deadly disease. You just have to breathe the air infected by the pesky creatures.

Are you clear why don’t you want rats inside your house? If yes, let’s find out what attracts rats inside residential properties.

Easily Accessible Food

The top-notch professionals providing pest control services said this is perhaps the biggest culprit. Fortunately, it is also easy to fix. If you have a habit of leaving food particles on your dining table and kitchen sink, be prepared to have rats as your permanent house guests. Rats can nibble on practically everything. This includes furs, leathers, dog food and bird seed.

According to the experts providing rats pest control, the best way to ward off the rats is by covering the garbage. Replace loose lids or purchase durable trash cans. Also, be cautious when storing grain bags and food for pets. You can either empty the contents in a sealed container or make sure the bags are tightly tied.

Warmth and Comfort

Warmth is believed to be a significant incentive for rats. To keep rats out of your walls, house, roof, insulation, etc., you must try understanding their needs. Just like any animal, rats act as per their needs.

The experts working for pest control said rats would occupy your house if your sheds, basements, cubbies, etc. are dry and warm enough. Consider the appliances as well. Since almost all of them generate heat, washers, outdoor fridges, and dryers make comfortable rat nests.

The best way to fix this particular problem is not easy but it is necessary.

Holes along the outer walls and under the floor allow the rats to find a way inside your house. Make sure to seal them immediately. Reinstall screens in the grates. Enclose the gardens. To stop rats infestation, clean the crawlspaces and attics right away.

Leaky Pipes

Here is another need for rats or any living being for that matter that must alter your pest-proofing tactics – water. The experts providing the best rat control services said rats are continuously looking for easy water sources. So, leaky pipes, dripping sprinklers, split hoses, and condensation from the appliances may be contributing to your rat problem.

The fix depends on the water source. If it is a pet bowl, please leave it inside. The experts offering rodent control services said one must replace dripping sprinklers or faucets and repair leaky gutters or pipes right away.

Get rid of the birdbath to keep the house and yard rat-free. Anything that acts as a steady water source can not only attract rats but encourage them to stay and nest in your house forever.

Pet Waste

According to the professionals offering affordable rat pest control services pet faeces attract rats to the yard, and then lead them inside your house. Scoop your pet’s waste and dispose it off right away. Also, spray down urine patches to neutralize the smell.

Rats consider pet waste food, so you need to clean this up just like you clean up food particles. Please seal up natural fertilizers inside a container or store in someplace else. They contain plant products and manure that can attract rats.


The experts offering services to stop rats infestation said plants can attract rats as well. If you have nut or fruit-bearing trees, rats may be coming by to have a snack in yard. If you have plants inside the house like a tomato plant on your terrace, you are simply inviting the rats to break in. Rats hanging out in your roof will come down to nibble on the fallen fruits. They will then reach your house and stay there to breed.

The professionals providing rat control said if you cannot seal up the house, you have to remove the plants. You can also install screens to keep the rats away from your plants. You can repair the roof holes to prevent the rats from entering your property in the first place.

Did you know several new products are introduced in the market that repel rats through technology? The experts providing services of rodent control said the ultrasonic rodent repellers are plugged into the walls. They emit a high-pitched sound that humans cannot hear but that repel the rats at a particular radius.

The experts helping in rat pest control said rats are a real nuisance. Knowing what attracts them can help you take care of the problem in a seamless manner. You can get rid of rats without actually killing them.

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