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Tabletop, Countertop, Benchtop, or Flowerpot; Stone Tiles are a Choice of the Ages

20-12,000 years back, in Neolithic Age China, the first clay tiles were used as roofing. Travelling eyes on the Silk Road learned skills and trades of foreigners and foreign lands. From China to the Middle East and then Europe and around the world.

Decorative tiles were identified in Egypt around 4000 BC and ancient Mesopotamians fired clay into bricks at high temperature 3000 BC, making the first tiles. They were used for exterior covering of structures. Mesopotamia also invented glazing in 900 BC.

Early EXAMPLES of tiles in Western Europe are found in York and Winchester 10th Century. The end of the 13th century brought about ADORNED churches throughout Europe. The Dutch in the late 1500s was known as the centre of ceramics due to excellence in craftsmanship and the famed blue and white earthenware.

Mass production increased demand due to affordability during the Victorian era. Royalty and wealth led the trends. The aspiring classes wanted to emulate their sophisticated style. Flooring, walls, and grand ceiling mosaics in glazed lustre were installed.

Existing for more than 25,000 years and in vogue in the 1970s tiled benchtops were an impractical but fashionable choice. Trending again, tile and real stone benchtops from Stone & Tile Studio can be accent pieces of personalized art.

Uniquely coloured and laid in designed patterns; stones of all types offer a diverse feel and style.

  • Ledge stones of Egyptian sand, Russian grey, or black mica can shape exterior spaces.

  • Travertine cross-cut, and filled smooths out the surface to any level of refinement.

  • Limestone is an excellent and timeless material with inherent attributes for any home.

  • Marble is synonymous with luxury and class. It is versatile and durable. The natural internal structural designs create motion in solid stone.

  • The word Granite invokes striking visions of permanence and strength. There are vast colours and finishes available.

  • Genuine black onyx is expensive due to its rarity. Onyx marble has grow patterns similar to a tree and offers a natural feel.

Whether you are tiling lawn furniture, a kitchen backsplash, or your fireplace surround, the options and styles available are limited only by your imagination and budget. Stone tile roads are unearthed today in excellent condition after thousands of years. Make a timeless piece of your own with a professional tradesperson.

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