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Global Warming or just a snowjob!

Well, I Woke up today with snow on the ground, not real common in these parts of California.

I think it was ten years ago that they saw snow that stayed on the ground for longer than ten seconds.

So, I grabbed my 4-year-old daughter and headed for the slopes, slope, ok small hill. But, it was her first time seeing snow, so we loaded up in the truck and headed to the hill. Now, when we got there, I let her out of the truck and boy you'd a thought I just dropped her off at the movie set of Frozen.

She was singing, dancing, and we made a snowman, Just like when I was a kid in Illinois. Then in the midst of having fun she turns to me and says. "Daddy, this is a Christmas miracle. But in my head folks I was thinking, Global warming.

Man I've become cynical. Sometimes I wish I was still a kid. Because at least then all I cared about was how to make a snowman, unlike now where I feel like everyone is feeding me a snow job.

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