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4 Ways to Improve the Commute to Work

Nobody likes a long commute to work. It’s costly, takes a lot of your time, and can leave you feeling tense and frustrated even before the work day has begun. If you’re looking for ways to improve your commute to work and make it much more tolerable, read on. Here are four things you can do to make commuting to work that much easier.

1. Carpool

Save the environment, lower your fuel expenses, and make some new friends on the way to work by organising to carpool with some of your colleagues. It’s one of the best ways to improve your commute as you’ll be able to shave tens of minutes off the time it takes for you to get to work, courtesy of the carpool lane. If you don’t already know where your workmates live, then simply shoot an email around the office asking if anyone else is up for it. You might be surprised by how many responses you get.

2. Listen to an Audio Book

One of the most frustrating things about a long commute to work is that you may feel you’re simply wasting much of your precious time. Idling in traffic and waiting for your time to turn can seem like an eternity, and you surely have better things to do than sit in your car. If you can’t shave time off your commute, then make the most of the time you have and educate yourself by listening to an audio book. Ever wanted to learn Spanish? Pick up a language audio course and become fluent in another language while on the freeway. Want to improve your negotiation skills? Pick up an audio book from a negotiating master and learn how to come away from a deal smiling. Or have you wanted to read the Harry Potter series but just haven’t had the time to work your way through the books? Grab the audio book version and listen to it on the long drive to work.

3. Get Up Earlier

If you want to reduce the time it takes to get to and from work, then avoid travelling to the office when everyone else is on the road. Drive to work before rush hour and not only will you get to work faster, but you’ll then be able to get a head start on the day, and – depending on where you work – you may just be able to leave for home earlier. Another option is to take a fitness class just before or after work, so you can not only get to and from work faster (as you’ll be driving pre and post rush hour), but also get a nice workout in. Bonus!

4. Take Public Transport or Walk to Work

Who says you actually need to drive to work? If you’re looking to lose some weight and increase your fitness, then leave the car at home and either cycle or walk to work. You’ll be amazed at just how fast you can get to and from the office when you avoid driving. You’ll also save yourself from having to pay costly tolls and parking fees. You also avoid the risk of getting caught speeding if you’re running late, something that can hit you hard with fines and demerit point suspension (to learn more about how this works, visit the website of GC Traffic Lawyers by clicking here). Obviously, it won’t be possible for everyone to walk to work. In that case, take public transport instead but get off one station earlier. This will force you to use your legs and you’ll be able to get some nice exercise in before the beginning of the work day.

Do you have any other tips for improving the commute to work? Share them in the comments below and help others get to and from the office with ease.