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How To Prevent A Leak From Your Vape Tank

You want your vaping experience to be satisfying and enjoyable, which is why a leaking vape tank can be incredibly annoying. Here are some ways to help you prevent a leak from your vape tank:

Pay Attention When Filling Up Your Tank

Do you know that filling up the clearomiser incorrectly is what causes leaking most commonly? All vape tanks have a tube that connects the mouthpiece of the device to the coil. E-liquid that leaks into this tube could end up causing vaping problems but quality e-liquids for e-cigarettes don’t leak. Consider the following to properly fill up your tank:

  • * Fill up your tank at a tilted position to prevent any liquid from falling onto the tube of the device – similar to how you may pour beer into a glass.

  • * As the tank starts to fill up, straighten it out to prevent any spillage along the outside.

  • * Any liquid that spills should be cleaned up by blowing it out of the tube and wiping it dry.

  • * Avoid overfilling the tank by leaving a small vacuum of air inside.

Leaking is often caused because of incorrect tank filling, so follow these tips for the best outcome.

Secure The Tank By Properly Screwing In All Components

Leaking could be caused because the tank and other surrounding areas are not properly secured or screwed in. Consider the following:

  • * Tighten screws in the areas where the coil, tank and the atomiser base meet.

  • * When re-attaching the atomiser to the device, make sure you tighten it up well.

  • * Avoid over tightening the rings where the components meet to prevent damages and cracks that can cause e-juice to escape from the tank.

Keep in mind that everything should be snug. Any gaps will lead to a tank leak. The basic guideline is to make sure that everything is firmly screwed without putting excessive effort into the task.

Keep The Tank In The Upright Position When Not In Use

Another reason why a tank could end up leaking is when it is kept sideways because that allows the liquid to push against the opening. Consider the following:

  • * Keep the vapouriser upright (in a vertical position) when not in use to prevent the liquid from pushing out against the tank opening.

  • * Placing the device upright to ensure the coil holes are filled with juice, which prevents liquid from escaping.

  • * An upright position keeps the liquid at the bottom of the tank and makes it harder for the device to leak.

If possible, store your device in an upright position whenever you're not using it as it not only prevents leaking, but also helps to extend its shelf life for longer.

Check And Replace O-Rings If Necessary

O-rings can get damaged over time because of regular wear and tear or excessive use – causing e-liquid to leak through the tank. This is why it is important to check them periodically and replace them if needed. Consider the following:

  • * O-rings can lose their shape or warp over time – either because of regular use or because they were faulty from the start.

  • * Take the tank apart by unscrewing all the components and checking the o-rings on the atomiser head and base.

  • * Make sure you order fresh o-rings in the same size and dimension as the original to prevent any leaking from the tank.

While some devices have spare o-rings, you may have to purchase additional ones in other cases. Make sure you have the correct size and dimensions so everything fits snugly together with no gaps in the tank.

Boost Your Device's Power Setting

Flooding is one of the most common reasons why a tank starts leaking. Consider the following:

  • * Flooding essentially means that too much e-liquid enters the coil to vaporise – causing the leak in the first place.

  • * Resolve this problem by boosting your device's power setting as this vaporises more e-liquid during every hit so it can accommodate the juice without causing any leaks.

  • *  Control your hit with shorter draws as a boosted power setting may lead to more vapour which you may or may not want.

A boosted power setting on your device can help to resolve leaking problems. But make sure you control the hit because of the excess vapour it may trigger.


Leaking can be extremely annoying and the fact is that you cannot always prevent a leak. But you can keep it to a minimum by following these guidelines. Maintaining your device and ensuring all parts are in good working condition will help to reduce the chance of a vape tank leak.