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Birth gifts for families who care about the world

The arrival of a new life into the world is typically marked by much celebration and fanfare. It is after all a very special occasion. But as the planet makes space for another child how can we go about acknowledging their presence without doing more harm to the world through the purchasing of plastic and other items. Modern parents are very concerned about the world that they will leave behind for their children to inherit, so how do we help them live those words. In short, what are some good ideas for gifts that can mark the arrival of a new life without damaging the planet that the baby will grow up on? Here are a few ideas.

Think global act local

The above mantra is becoming increasingly true every day. There is no need to spend fortunes on imported gifts from faraway lands. Support local businesses and support businesses that are doing things the right way. Maybe start with an online search for something like, ‘organic baby hampers’ and see where that leads you. What you don’t want to be gifting are toys made from plastic, low quality items or consumables that have damaged the earth in their production.


Cloth nappies are all the rage and they are a great gift to give at baby showers. Disposable nappies take a very long time to biodegrade, they clog drains, end up in the sea and generally create a horrible mess. While it is true that they bring with them an element of convenience, more and more people are starting to recognize that the world is in the state that it is in due to convenience. ‘Solutions’ that work in the short term are not always a great result long-term and the disposable nappy is a great example of this.


Plant a tree in recognition of the new child’s arrival. Or go one better than that and plant a forest. The idea of planting a tree is that it will grow big and old and hopefully live as long as the child who it was planted to commemorate. There is something quite special about being ale to go back and visit a stately tree that has grown sizeable over time. For the person whose birth the tree marks it is very humbling to see a giant piece of nature, so stately and powerful and t recognize that it is as old as you are.


Don’t get caught up in making new all the time. We live in a horribly consumer orientated society where we are always buying new things. This is completely unnecessary especially when dealing with new born babies. It is unnecessary for two reasons. Firstly, babies have no idea what they are wearing or where they are sleeping. They are not fashion conscious or anything like that. They just ant to be close to their parents. Secondly, they grow up very quickly and have grown out of their new-born clothes almost before they have had a chance to wear it. So, upcycling, regifting and reusing are all fine solutions, there really is no need to keep buying more new items.