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How to get the guys to sit up and notice you

No matter who you are, you must admit that it is nice to be noticed. Especially in the age of Tinder and dating apps, where judgements are often superficial and quick, and where there is no chance for you to let your personality shine through, it is important to be able to make an impression quickly. But it is not always easy and there is often a tendency to overplay the hand that you have been dealt. So, what can a lady do to attract the attention of the opposite sex? Here are a few ideas.

Go easy on the make-up

Make-up is a great way to enhance your features or to smooth over what you might consider being blemishes, but don’t go over the top with the make-up. For the most part, men prefer a woman who is not overly made up, somebody who goes for subtlety and whose cosmetics don’t appear to be painted on. Look to use simple colours and wherever possible, natural cosmetics Australia has some great product ranges that should do the job. While it is very true that heavy make-up can work in photographs and when you are being viewed from afar when your man gets close-up you don’t want him to see the extent of the make-up that you have applied.

Know your strengths

We all have different body types and different looks and, fortunately, there are men out there who have differing tastes. So, do a basic analysis of your strengths and play to them. Don’t be fooled into thinking that man like a certain type of women and then try to be that if you are not. If you are lean and athletic don’t try to make out like you are busy with lots of curves, rather play to the fact that there are men who like athletic women instead. If you know what your strengths are then you can dress accordingly. Is it your eyes, your legs, your bust or your smile? Whatever it is, let it shine through in the way that you present yourself.

Be yourself

Men like women who are comfortable with who they are. So, don’t try to be somebody that you aren’t in order to get their attention. If you fancy a man who likes soccer, but you hate it, don’t try to be an expert and watch every game. Be interested, ask questions, but stay your own person with your own interests. A man will find that alluring. Remember, for a man, a big part of the attraction is in the hunt if you are too easy and just throwing yourself at him, he will get over things quickly. As much as men like fishing, if the fish start jumping into the boat it doesn’t take long for the whole thing to go from novel to very boring. There is no actual enjoyment in fishing when the fish jump into the boat – so make sure that you are not that fish!