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Criminal defense lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer specializes in the defense of companies and individuals who are charged with felonies or precisely speaking criminal conduct. In the United States of America (USA), a criminal defense lawyer generally deals with cases related to the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the client or companies.

The fourth amendment is a powerful tool against unreasonable seizure and searches and was made due to the extensive use of controversial search warrants. The amendment specifies that any search if made must be sanctioned by the judiciary and the arrest warrant should contain the probable cause for which the person is being prosecuted. The warrant should also be supplied by a law officer, who must swear to its authenticity and must be accountable to the issuing court.

The personality of the crimes committed by the clients of the Criminal Defense Lawyer is also looked after by him/her. The accused is not guilty or presumed to be innocent until his/her every crime is proven in a court of law beyond any doubt. Serious crimes or crimes that attract capital punishment are tried by a jury of 12 people.

This kind of jury is also known as a grand jury. They must give a unanimous decision in either convicting or acquitting a defendant. The criminal defense lawyer must convince at least one member of the grand jury for a hung jury or all for the acquittal. The Criminal Defense Lawyer actively pursues his/her client’s interest through all the stages of criminal prosecution.

Most of the Criminal Defense Lawyers in the USA are under the employment of government agencies and are referred to as the Public Defenders. Most of the public defenders are fresh graduates from law school. They aim to seek quick courtroom experience and jump on to some lucrative paying job at a big law firm. But some Criminal Defense Lawyers make a career out of it.

Private Criminal Defense Lawyers are also there but are hired for case by case basis by individuals. The Criminal Defense Lawyers’ work can be intimidating for few because a simple screw up can result in a long duration of punishment for the clients or in worst cases death penalty. So because of this reason, Criminal defense lawyers tend to be special types of lawyers.

When a reputed or a prominent individual is facing public prosecution for a capital crime he/she cannot afford anything less than spectacular representation. If you are charged with a felony that could land you in prison for years or with a misdemeanor that could ruin your criminal record you know Criminal Defense Lawyer is the person to go to.

An arrest, criminal charges, or even a criminal investigation are all extremely serious situations that should be addressed immediately. Even if law enforcement simply wants to “ask you some questions” about a crime or wants to look around your house, you should consult a defense lawyer to find out exactly what your legal rights and options are at this point. Unfortunately, attempting to cooperate and submitting to questioning can at times cause a person to unintentionally incriminate him or herself. While you do not want to resist arrest or try to stop the police from searching when they have a legal search warrant, it is also important that you exercise your constitutional rights to remain silent and to obtain legal counsel.

A criminal defense practice encompasses all areas of criminal charges, from pursuing the defense of traffic violations, including DUI offenses, theft offenses and minor drug charges, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana, to the defense of serious felony charges, including rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and homicide. The is quote from a criminal attorney in Florida depends on various reasons like charges, the experience of the attorney, etc.

Some of the Practice Areas:

Traffic tickets: No matter what the traffic violation, traffic citations can add up and threaten your license to drive and your insurance rates. You have the right to defense against speeding tickets and other traffic tickets. Put the matter into hands for the possible reduction of fines and driver’s license points.

Theft: If you have been arrested for, or charged with a theft-related offense, contact your firm to get started on your defense. These provide criminal defense services to adults and juveniles alike facing charges involving shoplifting, theft and drug offenses, retail theft, and more.
Drug offenses: Even minor drug crimes convictions, such as possession of marijuana, can affect your career for years to come. An arrest on major narcotics felony charges can ruin many aspects of your life. If you have been charged with a drug crime.
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