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Graffiti Art- 5 Things You Must Know

Firstly, why should you hire a graffiti artist to paint the walls of your business/office? There is a lot to consider when you are running a modern business. First, you must consider how will you be able to attract more clients to the company. Second, you must present your brand in the best possible way, & nice graffiti can create a big difference to your success.

When it comes to making a statement as a business person, the premises are utterly important. You must look forward to making your business office or headquarters look as smart and professional as possible. This matters a lot, and also it is important to add some flair and personality in the process as well.

You don't want your business or your office environment to come across as too dull or corporate. So, if you hire graffiti artists to paint the walls of the business, it will help you stand out. It can be a bit exhausting to contact unknown artists and collaborate on a creative commission but don’t worry, there are many websites like Book An Artist which help you to hire graffiti artists online.  If you are in Perth, you can check out the official website of Book An Artist by clicking here and hire the graffiti artist online with just a click.

If you don’t know much about graffiti art then let’s go to dive into the knowledgeable ocean of what graffiti art is all about.

What is Graffiti art?

Technically, graffiti art is drawings, paintings, or other markings on surfaces in public places. Although this seems to be a relatively modern form of art, it dates back centuries ago. Some historians say that the first instances of graffiti were the prehistoric men's cave paintings. Also, the other old cultures, like the Greeks and the Romans, have created graffiti as well.

While it is pretty common in the 20th century, graffiti started gaining prominence in the early 1980s. At that time, spray paint and permanent markers were typically the most common tools of the trade. The act of "tagging" became a popular sort of graffiti in that era which comes down till now. They did it by writing or drawing the tag name of an individual or group of individuals on public or private property.

Typical work environment

Simply put, an amateur graffiti artist uses graffiti to express himself. And unlike amateur artists, however, professional graffiti artists typically do not deface public or private property with their art. Professional graffiti artists tend to use several different mediums, but the preferred medium for professional graffiti is usually spray paints. Depending on his forte, a graffiti artist may work in a studio, just like any other traditional painter.

However, some graffiti artists, particularly those who have the best skills on city streets, may prefer to stay with that. Also, some artists pursue a graffiti career and prefer to take credit for their work. While also some artists prefer to stay anonymous. This anonymity is the allure and mystique part of a graffiti artist, which many believe makes the art more appealing.

Find the right artist

Graffiti artists are well-known for being tough to contact, but some research will let you get hold of many good artists. Many websites all over the world supply professional graffiti artists for any project. Choose an artist whose style fits your vision; go through their profile, portfolios, previous works. Most professional artists are pretty versatile in what they can paint, but it's good to consider their past work.

Tally if their style fits with your project, your vision. Choose the graffiti artist based on their work and not just their quote. This is because, at times, you get what you pay within a highly skilled job like this.

Clear information or instruction about wall or space

You need to give clear, crystal clear information about your work either to the graffiti artist or the agency you are hiring from. Here is a list to help you with the list of information you need to provide.

  • Mention the length and height of the wall you need them to do graffiti on
  • Show them a photo of the wall or space to assess the site and any potential issues.
  • Complete all your prep work to the wall, ie, chipped paint or damaged wall, before calling the graffiti artists.

If the wall is of raw brick or concrete, prime and sands are enamel or gloss surface like colorbond.

Have a clear vision

Explain your idea and expectations clearly and also, if possible, share some reference images or communicate directly with the artist. If you are confused about what you want, give a clear direction of what you do know, for example:

  • Your expected result with the mural
  • Colors you prefer or don’t want to use
  • Themes you want to touch on or themes you want to avoid completely
  • Anything other things to avoid that can disturb you or the business image

This information will help both you and your graffiti artist in achieving your mural. Graffiti artists are true modern artists with a particularly unique form of self-expression.

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