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What Your Preferred Diamond Shape Says About Your Personality

You know how people say that how you choose your engagement ring has something to do with how you want others to see you? Well, they may not be wrong. In this article, we will explore the different shapes of diamonds and what they represent.

Find out what it means if your special someone likes round cut, oval cut, princess cut and so on. So when thinking about how to choose an engagement ring for her, you might want to have these in mind.

Round Diamond

This is a classic ring that is simple yet beautiful. It represents being honest and reliable, as well as cleanliness and perfectionism. If you have chosen to wear this type of diamond engagement ring, then it means that you are the kind of person who likes everything in order, from your dressing attire down to how you keep your home.

You also tend to be very hardworking since diamonds require a lot of effort in regard to polishing them before they shine.

Princess Cut Diamond

This shape is arguably one of the most popular shapes for an engagement ring because it's elegant and timeless! People prefer wearing these types because they want their wedding band or promise rings to represent strength, responsibility, persistence, stability and loyalty.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

There is a reason why this diamond shape looks the way it does—because it represents love! If you choose to wear this type of ring, then there's no doubt that your heart belongs only to one person who has captured its every beat! It also means that you are easygoing as well as sensitive, passionate, caring, and romantic at heart—just like how your loved one feels about you!

Emerald Cut Diamond

This diamond shape is known for its unique rectangular facets and has a vintage feel to it. If you choose to wear an emerald cut ring, then it means that you are confident, ambitious and have excellent taste! You also like to be in control and can be quite critical at times.

Oval Diamond

An oval-shaped diamond is perfect for someone who wants something different but still elegant. It represents creativity, change, new beginnings as well as being down-to-earth. People who choose this type of engagement ring tend to be quite the social butterflies—always on the go and love meeting new people. They're also often successful in their careers because they are not afraid of taking risks!

Cushion Diamond

This diamond shape is similar to the round diamond but it has rounded corners and more of a square look. It represents being unique, having a good sense of humour as well as being compassionate and generous. If you choose this type of ring, then it means that you are not afraid to be different and want your loved ones to know that you always have their best interest at heart!

Pear-Shaped Diamond

A pear-shaped diamond is perfect for someone who wants something elegant yet still shows off their femininity. This type of engagement ring usually signifies attractiveness, refinement and sexiness.

Ladies who wear this tend to be very feminine in both appearance and personality. They love dressing up and taking care of themselves while also being able to hold their own in a conversation.

Asscher Diamond

An asscher diamond is perfect for the classic girl who wants something timeless and elegant. It represents being down-to-earth, having good taste as well as being loyal and reliable. If you choose this type of ring, it means that you are probably someone who loves tradition and wants to have a wedding band that will last forever!

Marquise Diamond

This marquise diamond is perfect for the girl who wants to stand out and be unique. It represents having a lot of personality, being creative as well as being charming and confident. Ladies who choose this type of ring are often very social and love to be the center of attention. They also tend to have successful careers because they know how to work hard and play even harder.

Radiant Diamond

A radiant diamond is perfect for someone who wants something elegant but with a bit more sparkle. This type usually signifies that you are energetic, enthusiastic and vivacious! You enjoy life to the fullest and want everyone around you to feel just as alive as you do. People who wear this type of ring often have amazing personalities that attract people.

There you have it—the different shapes of diamonds and what they represent according to your personality. So which one speaks to you the most? Try on different rings at stores until you find the perfect one for you. Remember, it's all about representing YOU in the best way possible on your big day!

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