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Water Sports Everyone Should Try This Summer

Summer is almost here. Long days, warm nights and fresh air. It’s everyone’s favourite time to head to the shore for some relaxation time.

You can always find a shady spot to sit and watch the world go by, but why not get out in the water and try some new adventures?

You may find you love it so much that you're hooked.


Starting the day off with an early morning surf is a great way to ease into the day. With so many incredible breaks and surfing spots around the country it’s a very accessible sport.

If you’ve never surfed before, there are plenty of operators that offer lessons and equipment rental. Once you have the basics down, you’ll be out on your own in no time.

Listen to your instructors and lifeguards and only attempt breaks that are within your ability. If you’re new to surfing the best conditions include offshore winds, long peeling waves, and a deep groundswell on an un-crowded beach. When you get an ideal day like this, you’ve really scored.


If you’ve mastered surfing take it to another level with a hydrofoil. The boards are designed with a foil attached to the bottom that lifts you out of the water. You feel like you're flying and can reach much higher speeds.

To take your foiling to the next level, invest in a propulsion system for your foil. If the wind is light or the surf is small a propulsion kit can get you out of the water with ease. You can ride higher-aspect foils with smaller wings. It’s the ultimate foiling for speed and excitement.


Strap your feet to a board and get towed behind a boat. As you ride the wake you can do acrobatic stunts like jumps and flips.

One beauty of the sport is it doesn’t require surf. If you don’t have a boat, some places use cable systems and winches to pull you around. It’s also popular on rivers, lakes and other areas of open water. It’s a sport that enjoys international popularity with great wake surfing spots located around the world.


This sport combines surfing and sailing by attaching a large sail to a board and strapping yourself on. It’s another great sport that can be done on any open body of water. All you need are the right wind conditions and you can windsurf on oceans, lakes, bays and rivers.

Jet Surfing

This is another high-tech adaptation of surfing. This sport involves a surfboard with a motor attached. It eliminates the need for waves and it’s great for calm flat waters like rivers, lakes and bays.

Strap your feet to the board and hang on to a handle which includes the controls. In the right conditions, you can get up to speeds of 35mph!

Please stay safe while you’re enjoying your day at the beach. Learn how to swim and pay attention to lifeguards and posted warnings.

Try your hand at some of these adventures and enjoy the long summer days to come.


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