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How to make your business customer friendly

Customers are human. They have preferences that affect the business choices that they make

Every millisecond of every day, someone will make a business decision about food, travel, interior design, dentistry or any of the vast array of items that make up the lifestyle that each of us inhabit. The World's economy is driven by choice. People choose to acquire a product or service and as a result a supplier earns income. Cash flow drives our lives.

Business success depends on meeting the essential and non essential or leisure needs of a customer base. To do that, business leaders must attract people to their store, office, surgery, yard or web site. Having attracted attention to their offerings, potential customers have to like what they see so that they will feel comfortable in that new online or physical environment as only then will they make a purchase decision.

A web site has to appeal and a place of business has to be non confrontational when people look at it online or in person. A customer friendly business has a greater chance of success than one that is not attractive.

How does a business manager or owner create spaces that appeal to customers?

People must be at ease and not alarmed in an online or physical space. Wide open doors and brightly lit ample size spaces are vital.

Choose colours that are welcoming. It is often best to emulate nature with business design projects. People would rather be in a garden than a warehouse, so bring nature into a workplace or business with live natural plants. Explore more on that topic at plant hire sydney.

How often have you heard people relate to how much they enjoyed a holiday with "The people were so friendly"?  We all want to be welcomed when we go somewhere. Welcome your customers.

If you do something well or sell exciting and functional products then shout it out in your advertising and marketing material. If you are not good at something or do not stock an item then tell people the truth. Offer assistance to people who contact you to find what they want. They will probably be back one day if they are treated well.

Make it easy for people to find you. If online, have a very good web site with a stunning domain name and set up company profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (check out some creative strategies here). If you are in physical spaces, set up close to your customers so that getting to you is easy. Similarly, set up in business adjacent to other quality businesses. That is one of the reasons that shopping malls are so attractive to customers and business owners.

Locating and retaining customers is not easy so make choices for the long term.