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The Many Goals of Custom Signs

One of the best descriptions of custom signs we have heard is, that a custom sign is a silent salesperson. If that doesn’t sum it up, we don’t know what does. If you think about it, choosing something that appropriate to display to the world, is kind of like a silent salesperson. We see them everywhere; they are the ever-present advancing face of any organization and to avoid having them is risking losing a big part of the revenue that you could have.

Displayed both indoors and outdoors, these structures have a lot of meaning and relevance, not to mention the importance to both businesses and customers alike. So, if you think having one is a waste of time or money, think again.

The main goal of any sign, be it custom or standard, is to draw in attention. Without people knowing what your business is or where it's at, your services will be as dead as a doornail, unless your digital savvy and have done all the work online.

Besides being digital savvy, signs just have a way of being in your face, whether you like it or not. You can’t miss them. They’re everywhere. The main goal of all those signs is to attract attention to them, one gets bigger and flashier than the next, especially if you’re in the middle of Las Vegas or similar surroundings.

The architecture of a custom sign includes a logo that represents a brand or an organization of some sort, it could be an array of services such as retail businesses, home-based businesses, hotel, restaurant, real estate agents, auto dealers, construction, medical or a publishing businesses, you name it and they’ve got it mounted either on your building or their merchandise.

Multiple companies or agencies specialize in these signs in every city, and when looking for signs in Burnaby, make sure you look around for professional ones, there’s nothing worse than getting a sign made that gives your business a bad name because of its low-quality or standard of workmanship. Asking around for recommendations from a few different other local businesses who have exceptionally good-looking signs, is a place to start, they should be able to give you the contact details of the company they used.

Photographic Memory

So, to hone in on the goal, it reinforces the brand or logo into the viewer's mind whilst promoting the business. People with Eidetic memory or as we know it as photographic memory often remember signs more than they do the company name or caption. They only need to look at something for a few minutes and it sticks in their mind, and when they need to they ‘access’ it from the back of their mind easier than other people who remember perhaps details and names better. Feel free to learn more about this personality here.

Materials Used

These types of signs are usually made from aluminum (all weatherproof) or plastic, and the costs depend on the size and materials used. Sometimes, if the sign is of a particular niche, the manufacturer can use acrylic, brass, or glass to create the design especially if any engraving is needed to be done on it. Especially if you’re a small business competing against other bigger ones and need some extra help, get a sign. You can read more about why this works here

Other goals of signs are simply to provide direction. Some businesses value their customers, for instance, large retail stores, and their custom signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with specific text printed onto them to help make the customers journey a lot more pleasant, as opposed to hap-hazard running around looking for the product they want. Can you imagine if grocery stores did not have signs? We would have to go through every aisle looking for what we want and this could take us hours when all we have planned was a quick in and out shopping experience. It would frustrate the buyers and they would never return. Signs point us in the right direction and show us the way. Their goal is also to reach out and connect with any audience.