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Benefits Of Vaping Versus Smoking

It is quite perplexing to decide whether vaping is better than smoking or not because both have side effects. There are risks whether you vape or smoke and we will discuss things in detail to help you gain a better understanding.

What is more harmful?

We all know smoking leads to cancer and causes many diseases. There are many dangers associated with smoking but the 5 biggest dangers are stroke, coronary heart disease, heart attack, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease.

The health benefits of e cigs are not well understood by the scientists but evidence suggests that vaping is a better alternative. Smoking is considered more harmful.

The use of e cigarettes is increasing among young people and this trend is dangerous as there are real health issues. The use of vape products among teens and kids is a serious problem. Vaping is better but e cigs should not be promoted like a safe alternative to smoking. Though it is slightly less harmful.

Facts about vaping and smoking:

When a person smokes they inhale like 7000 chemicals which is more in comparison to vaping. You vape less number of chemicals when you choose the E liquid Australia instead of a cigarette. There are few contaminants in the vapor liquids but it is not safe because of the following:

  • A large dose of nicotine is present in e-cigs which slows down the development of the brain in teens, children and fetuses.
  • The water vapor created from the liquid is dangerous to children and adults in case they inhale or swallow it. The vapor can be bad for their skin too.
  • It delivers chemicals that are dangerous like heavy metals, cancer causing chemicals, volatile organic compounds and diacetyl.

As per the (CDC) Centre for Disease Control and Prevention by early 2020 the number of deaths/hospitalization due to vaping are reported to be 2,807. CDC has also acknowledged the fact that since vitamin E acetate has been removed from the vape products with a few harmful ingredients, the symptoms which people experience due to vaping have been minimized. Vaporesso NRG 2ml Sub Ohm Tank

As per CDC smoking can cause damage to almost every organ of the body and is responsible for 90 percent deaths because of lung cancer. If a person smokes then there is an increased risk of death and one may even develop health issues like stroke and heart disease.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Both smoking and vaping are dangerous but as we know that vaping is better than conventional cigarettes it can help in quit smoking.

The long term effects of smoking are more dangerous as it can lead to reduced sperm count, trigger asthma attacks, increase general inflammation, impair immune system, increase the risk of cataracts, increase the risk of pregnancy, harm pregnant women and cause congenital disabilities. It can cause cancer in any body part; block veins and arteries increase the risk of stroke and lead to many other severe health issues.

There is less data available on long term effects of vaping and it came into picture because it can be considered as a safe way to get nicotine. Though most of the evidence suggests that vaping can damage the lungs and weaken the immune system. The other disadvantages are, it releases free radicals in the body that causes cancer development and it also delays development in teenagers, kids and fetuses. It works on batteries and batteries can explode if they are defective. It can sustain burns.

Final verdict:

Smoking is definitely bad. There are no benefits of vaping as such but when you vape you do not cause pollution. It can improve stamina because you are not inhaling the smoke produced from cigarettes. Lastly, you will not smell like an ashtray if you vape.

Vaping is a better method to quit smoking and you can make vaping as safe as possible. You should look for vape juice ingredients while ordering the vape products from the vapor shop online. Make sure the online shop is reputed and do not use poor quality materials. Buy Diacetyl free e juice. If the juice has acetyl propionyl or acetoin then do not use the product. There can be nasty ingredients in flavored e juice so try to avoid them. Determine the nicotine content in the e liquid. You can choose between 0 to 36 mgs to avoid problems.

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