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4 Principles Of Time Management

Albert Einstein told that if you want to live a happy life, tie to a goal, not to people or things That’s what the basic principles of time management are: most and foremost, above all other things, if one wants to be effective, one should be goal-oriented. Effectiveness is time management’s utmost basis, allowing focusing on main things in life and work, discarding everything non-important. In this article, we are focusing on 4 basic principles of time management.

Have a plan

One can’t achieve anything really good or grandiose without a plan. Everything starts with it. A thoroughly elaborated, realistic, time-bound, and resource-connected plan is already half of the entire work in most areas. Simply stick to it and by all means avoid procrastination. Mark the planned goals as achieved ones when they are: it will give visual support of the progress and will mentally stimulate going through the plan vigorously and rigorously, day by day. If anything in the plan has to be changed due to circumstances, try to re-plan it with as little impact on the initial schedule as possible.

Be organized

Do efforts to stick to the plan. Take as a rule to turn off any non-important notifications and information flows that distract from reaching the goals of the plan: avoid social media, too often smokos, and chatting with colleagues if they are not about getting closer to a shining goal.

Having good habits

The less one spends time on everything that deteriorates one’s health, the more powers and energy one has to complete the desired tasks. Drinking coffee and smoking, social media, chatting, snacking, and boozing before, after (or sometimes even during) the work all are distracting factors and undermine your health and desire to work. Get rid of those and you’ll stay focused & full of energy.

Optimize and rest

You do have to rest, though. Try doing bets in the online casino or make utensils from epoxy resin – that’s up to you how you relax. But having no free time at all will eventually affect your work & life negatively, undermining the achievement of results.


Life and work are pointless without having a plan and sticking to it. So cut off anything that lingers you. Follow these 4 basic steps and you’ll be good.
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