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Clean Environment Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

Climate control is an essential aspect for many industries where a clean working environment is required and the latest clean environment systems incorporate special fabric textile ducting to deliver the right conditions to the workplace.

Three Different Geometries

Fabric ducting comes in 3 different geometries, which are as follows:

1. Round – The fabric ducting is connected to the walls and ceilings via special brackets and purified and cooled air is pumped through the ducting, dissipating into the atmosphere at a controlled rate.

2. Half round – A semi-circular shape, where the flat surface is attached to the walls or ceilings, with customised corners and bends to accommodate the workspace.

3. Quarter circle – This design is ideal when you wish to connect to two flat surfaces and with a wide range of sizes, the perfect system can be designed.

Special Fabric

The air ventilation system works by using special fabric that allows the cool, clean air to pass through and with special nozzles and a varied air release, you can create the perfect environment for your factory or warehouse. The fabric can be cut into sections and sealed together to form the perfect shape, while the system works at ceiling height, which is ideal. There are rows of small holes in the fabric, which enable air to filter into the room and the number of holes would depend on your ideal environment.


There are different nozzle sizes to disperse the air correctly, ranging from 12-60mm; generally speaking, the larger the nozzle, the bigger the ventilated area; when you engage the services of a company that supplies fabric duct airflow systems, the engineers calculate the size and position of the ducting that will provide the perfect airflow for the workspace.

Low Impulse Draft Free Cooling

This system delivers and distributes cooled air, with the special fabric controlling the rate of cool air release, providing a cool and comfortable climate at a very affordable cost. Such is the system, there are no drafts, rather an even and still environment is maintained. Making it ideal for many tech manufacturing plants.

Cost Effective & Reliable

The reason fabric ducting has become so popular is the cost-effective way the system performs, with very little maintenance, you can create the right airflow and ventilation for optimum production. If you would like to learn more about fabric ducting, search online for a leading Australian provider and they would be happy to show you how their systems can help your business, plus they can show you the relevant data sheets to confirm the standards achieved. Click here if you are looking for a way to make some extra money online.

Long Term Durability

The fabric is extremely durable and can be repeatedly washed, giving you the ideal airflow, temperature and ventilation. The Australian government fully supports energy saving and fabric airflow systems fall into this category, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. More and more Australian businesses are incorporating fabric ducting into their business premises; warehousing, factories, showrooms, shopping malls and other large buildings, are all benefitting from this low-cost/high output airflow system.

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