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A Practical Guide to Saving Money on a Daily Basis

Do you have something in particular you’re saving up for? Maybe a new car, a new smartphone, or maybe even a deposit for your own house? Even if you don’t have something specific in mind, it’s always nice to see your savings account increasing each week rather than gradually depleting. Having ample money set aside for a rainy day can chase away the sensation of living day to day. Here are some practical tips to help you save money each day. With patience and persistence, these tips should see your bank account slowly – but surely – transition from disappointing to decent.

Make It Yourself

Lunch and coffee: two things you likely purchase every workday. While a couple of dollars for an espresso or a $10 note for a sandwich might not feel like a lot of money on any given day, these transactions can really pile up over time. To save money on a daily basis, make your own. Pack a lunch and bring your own coffee from home. Same goes for the kids too; make them a healthy, cheap lunch for school instead of slipping them some cash for what is likely an unhealthy meal from the cafeteria.

Repay Debts Sooner

When you’re paying off a loan every fortnight or month, it’s difficult to appreciate that this is a daily expense. But it is; for every day that your debt remains unpaid, the interest due on it is increasing, not to mention the emotional stress of having it hanging over your head. If at all possible (and depending on whether your loan’s conditions allow it), try to divert your saved dollars into repaying your debts faster. Speak to an expert, such as Debt Rescue, for more information about when and how this could save you money in the long term.

Public Transport

Every day you drive, you’re spending money on petrol (and probably parking as well). While public transport isn’t free, it will usually end up being less expensive – and less stressful – than participating in the daily traffic jam on the way to work. You could also look at other alternatives to driving, such as carpooling or even cycling if your workplace isn’t too far from your home. Yes, driving is often the most convenient mode of transport. But, when times are financially tough, it’s necessary to put a little thought and energy into pursuing other choices. Your wallet will thank you for it.

When saving money is a priority, sometimes you have to make tough choices and sacrifice some luxuries. Motivate yourself with the knowledge that the extra dollars are well worth your effort and that – once your funds are healthy enough – you can always return to your previous lifestyle… that is, if you still want to!

There are undoubtedly countless other tips and tricks for saving money on a daily basis, but these three are some that are often overlooked yet absolutely worth considering. If you know of any other methods that have worked wonders for your budget or the budget of someone you know, help out other money-conscious readers by sharing them in the comments section below.