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5 Simple Ways Today's Businesses Cut Down On Their Employee Costs

We all know that employees are a company's biggest assets. But, they are also one of their costliest ones too! The good news is savvy businesses have found practical ways to cut down on their employee costs. Here are five examples of how they do it:

1. They only pay the market rate

Some companies believe paying more than the average rate for certain skills in their area is a good idea. Savvier ones only pay the "going" rate and nothing more. That way, they can invest in other areas of their businesses.

2. They don't hire employees directly

Instead, it makes sense to use a labour hire agency. It's easier (and quicker) to outsource hiring to a third party. The infographic below lists some other practical reasons for doing so:

3. Employers give workers more responsibilities

When companies give their staff extra work to do, it results in two things. First of all, employees feel valued that they get trusted to handle more responsibilities. And, second, it means their staff won't have lots of idle time.

4. They only hire seasonal workers

Sometimes the nature of one's business means they only trade in certain times of the year. It makes no sense to hire permanent employees for that reason. Instead, seasonal or "casual" staff are a better idea.

5. They offer flexible working hours

There are two distinct advantages to offering employees flexible working hours. Staff can decide on hours to work that suit their lifestyles. And employers don't have to pay for time where workers aren't in the workplace.

Infographic Designed By Blue Collar People