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Habits of the Self-Made Millionaire

Creatures of Habit

Have you ever wondered what separates the layman from the millionaire? Some would say it was being born with wealth and privilege, but their are everyday people becoming self-made millionaires all the time, and often it is only in a couple of years. So the question becomes, how do they do it?

What makes an ordinary person become a millionaire? Clearly they have to know some secret. Well it turns out that self-made millionaires have different habits than most ordinary people, and this gives them an edge over the competition, and is what catapults them into the millionaire status.

So we want to help you out and give you some habits of the self-made millionaire that you can employ to make your own fortune:


Regular Exercise - It turns out that wealthy people tend to live longer than poor people, and one of the primary factors in this is regular exercise. Most people surprisingly enough, don’t even exercise for 30 minutes a day. The body and mind are strongly connected, so a health body promotes a healthy and sharp mind. That is why regular exercise and a finely tuned aerobic schedule is a habit most millionaires share.


A Strong Social Circle - One study found that millionaires now control half of the globe’s wealth, very disproportionate considering how many millionaires there are. One way they accomplish this is by hanging out with other successful people. We become who we surround ourselves with, that is why millionaires ensure that they keep a closely-knit circle of like-minded people. Being stimulated by those kind of minds and being around that influence rubs off. So be careful who you spend time with.


Set and Achieve Goals - Another habit a lot of millionaires share is setting goals for themselves, and doing what it takes to achieve them. Making a goal solidifies it, puts it out into the universe, and then a millionaire will work towards that goal until they accomplish it. It is easy to see how this kind of habit could lead to becoming a millionaire. The key is to start with small, easily achievable goals, then work your way up to progressively more difficult ones.


They Have Multiple Sources of Income - Many poor or middle class people only have a single job that they rely on for income. The trouble with this mentality is that if that income source suddenly gets cut off, that person is no longer making an income. Millionaires however can afford to lose multiple sources because no matter what, with multiple sources of income they will likely always have some kind of money coming in.


They Pave Their Own Way - Another trait many millionaires share is that they do not follow the crowd. Millionaires are not afraid to pave their own way, and it is this trait that allows them to offer the masses something that they didn’t even know that they wanted. This helps them to provide a unique service that people are willing to pay for, giving them the million dollar status.