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Best Prepaid Card in Australia – Neosurf

When it comes to online transactions credit cards are not always an option. There are many restrictions and taxing concerns Australians need to be wary about. This is specially true with online gaming, were popular legal offshore sites are easy to conduct instant deposits but withdrawals are a nightmare that take weeks, bounce off or are charged a huge fee compared to other transactional methods.

And what about those who can’t access a credit card or don’t want to pay interest rates? The best option is a prepaid card that is simple to use, does not require any personal information to buy, is widely accepted across the country and no fees. For gaming and sports betting enthusiasts, Neosurf Casino prepaid card is the best option for quick anonymous deposits.

How to use the Neosurf Card for online gaming?

  1. Open your Neosurf account

  2. Order the Neosurf prepaid card or purchase from a partner physical store

  3. Fund your card with cash or online

  4. Open an online casino account and select Neosurf from the payment options

  5. Type in the 10 digit code found on the back

  6. Type in the amount to deposit

  7. Visit for the best Neosurf casino bonus codes for Australians

  8. Click process or validate

You will receive an instant message informing if the transaction was successful and your account has been funded. You can now being playing in the online casino or sportsbook for real money.

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf is an online payment procession service that sells prepaid card. The company was born in France and has quickly spread out around the world, specially in countries were online transactions are heavily regulated. The card can be used by residents of France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Australia.

The company also has a network of international partners that help it cover almost entirely the African continent and all other countries that sell it. These resellers are known as Neosurf Authorized Resellers, or NAR. Xalt Pay LTD is their mediator that helps manage these remote reseller locations that can be any physical store like gas stations and small markets.

Types of Neosurf Cards

  • Classic Neosurf Card – This is the standard issued card that is found with all physical resellers or ordered online. Customers can activate the card with €15, €30, €50 to €100.

  • Minor Neosurf Card – This card will only accept €10 or €20 per charge. Created specifically for users that require this specific amount regularly.

  • Neocash Mastercard – A Mastercard issued by Neosurf that has a wider acceptance around the world plus the Neosurf accepted merchants.

Merchants that accept Neosurf

There are more than 20,000 merchants that accept Neosurf.


  • PMUS Racebook

  • Veritas Card

  • Poste Cash

  • Poker Stars

  • Betclic

  • Habbo

  • League of Legends

  • Bigpoint

  • Travian Legends

  • NetBet

  • The Settlers Online

How to get the Neosurf card

Australians can check the localization tool of NARS’s from the Neosurf website, and find a store or merchant near them that can provide the card and charge it. The most convenient way is to order the card from the website so it arrives at your home. Physical store funding might require buying a voucher, these will charge a fee.

Anonymity and security

One of the main characteristics of the card that make it so popular is the anonymity it gives to online players. No personal information, credit card details or email is required to activate the service.

Fees, Commissions and Neosurf costs

So far no fees have been established for the use of the regular use of the card. No deduction is made to the charge you make. However, the company does reserve the right to charge fees for some merchants.

The card has additional features that do charge fees.

  • Neocash Mastercard – This is a Mastercard Neosurf that allows a wider use of merchants around the world that accept MasterCard plus the regular Neosurf partners, and ATM’s that allow withdrawals as well. This card will apply fees for each purchase or withdrawal. Also available as a virtual card if you only need it for online payments. This is a credit card and does not require previous funding, but it will require personal data to acquire.

  • My Neosurf – App that allows users to purchase Neosurf digital cards from their phone or using a web service.

These are the services that apply fees:

For charging the card

  • Neosurf voucher - FEE: 4.5%

All other method of funding your card, like online payments are entirely free.

For withdrawals and use

  • Neocash Card FEE: 2%

  • Bank transfer FEE: 1.5%

Can Neosurf be used to make online casino withdrawals?

While Neosurf themselves publicly allows card users to make online casino withdrawals to fund the card, so far no online casinos allow the option to withdraw using the card.