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What Are The New Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are pretty popular and widely used today. Despite being a volatile industry, crypto investors are investing in both existing and emerging cryptocurrencies. This new trend in the crypto industry is making the cryptocurrency market growth rise globally. Also, July is usually the best month to invest in cryptocurrencies as the prices increase around this time, allowing investors to cash in on lots of profits.

And this is not limited to just Bitcoin or Ethereum but other new cryptos that are fast catching up, such as Baby Dogecoin. So, if you are a serious investor, you want to explore these newcomers, which have just as much potential as the leading cryptos. Speaking of which, here are some of the newest and trending cryptocurrencies to look out for. Check out for the best or the most expensive altcoins in 2021


SXP is one of the latest cryptocurrencies. It empowers The Swipe Wallet. The Swipe Wallet requires Swipe Tokens SXP to ensure utility Wallet function and services run efficiently. It also facilitates withdrawals, purchases and allows users to transact with their cryptocurrencies within the Wallet application. They can also purchase Gift Cards and make instant online transactions between all supported assets. SXP's current price is US$1.41.


DASH is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on blockchain. It was derived from

Bitcoin provides straightforward and instant transactions to customers, and efficiency that Bitcoin lacked.

DASH is an acronym for digital cash. It is a best-known blockchain-based cryptocurrency that acts as an alt-coin, providing faster confirmation times than Bitcoin. This altcoin currently retails at US$126.09


Aave is one of the new and emerging Defi cryptocurrencies and crypto coins in 202. It is a decentralized lending platform that allows users to loan, acquire and procure interest on multiple crypto platforms without intermediaries.

Saved runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is more of a smart contracts system that facilitates these platforms making them more visible to a distributed network of computers operating its software. Aave is currently priced at US$219.16.


HEX is an ERC-20 token that was created specifically for cryptocurrency holders. It pays rewards to holders and not miners. Simply put, HEX is a crypto version of a conventional fixed deposit account that allows users to acquire and secure crypto assets then receive interests for the same. Currently, there are about nine exchanges that perform exchanges on HEX. Current Price: US$0.159


The SelfKey ecosystem is an identity management system that is based on blockchain. It allows identity owners to have complete control of their digital identities and enables them to demand certification of documents. Once a user is confirmed, they can safely access products without any additional KYC process. This cryptocurrency is currently priced at US$0.005766


Solana is one of the latest cryptocurrencies and a blockchain-based network designed to offer exceptional speed, security, and productivity. Solana has an effective blockchain that consumes less energy than other well-known proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin’s. It also offers the least transaction fees that are no more than $0.01 per transaction. Currently, Solana is priced at US$23.17.

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