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Why refinancing has risen in popularity

Refinancing experienced a sudden rise to prominence in 2021, despite being around for a while. This sudden rise in refinancing's popularity is due to an increased discovery of the advantages of such financing. This guide will explain refinancing's sudden rise in popularity and how the coronavirus and other factors contributed to this reality.

What Is Refinancing

Finbri, a Bournemouth-based bridging loan broker, explains that you can sell assets, finish your construction projects, and get traditional funding thanks to refinancing. You can realise all these perks even if you aren’t prepared to leave your bridging loan or development finance, but your loan term is ending. Refinance loans enable you to settle past loans by accessing a new funding option. Many individuals refinance for various reasons, but the most popular one is that their initial loan term will expire before they can sell or access extended finance.

Why Is Refinancing Suddenly Popular?

The reason for refinancing's seemingly sudden rise to success is no mystery, as Brexit and the pandemic are largely responsible. The UK has been affected by COVID-19 and Brexit within a short time frame, adjusting in many sectors ranging from health to trade. These two factors are also responsible for the compression of project deadlines nationwide. Fortunately, refinancing is a reliable solution you can turn to in these times, provided you use it correctly. It can help lessen the pressure and enable projects to proceed without significant obstructions.

Labour shortages and material supply problems are also responsible for increasing construction time frames nationwide. Consequently, numerous projects are continuing for longer than expected, exceeding the initial time and expense estimates. This delay in time frames is a costly issue, so many people affected by this problem opt for refinancing loans to sail through this challenging period.

Large developers thrive better under these circumstances because they can leverage their reliable supply chains. However, the same cannot be said for small to medium-sized businesses that face significant difficulties. These businesses can't leverage strong supply chains like their big developer counterparts, so there is an even greater need for ready cash. Thankfully, these small-to-medium sized enterprises can obtain the money they require in days due to refinancing.

The problems discussed above are still rampant even though the world appears to be past the worst of the pandemic. Therefore, it is highly likely that refinancing will enjoy a continuous surge in popularity to navigate this compelling time. This reality is great news for companies, brokers, and all other parties, as long as it is the absolute best course of action to take.


Many financial experts recommend talking to your bridging loan provider to maximise your investment if you are considering refinancing. This funding option remains a viable alternative nowadays, but it is always best to consider its advantages and disadvantages to ensure that it is the best option for you. Your professional advisor can help you weigh the pros and cons, so it is always best to consult them before proceeding.

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