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New Car Starter

As the name implies, a car starter is used to start an internal combustion engine. To do this, it provides the primary rotation of the crankshaft with the required frequency. The starter is an integral part of the electrical equipment of any modern car. Structurally, it is a four-pole DC motor, powered by a battery. Its power can be different, depending on the specific modification of the car, however, to start most gasoline engines, a 3 kW starter is enough.

Car starters are structurally different. Namely:

The gearless starter has the most common design, in which the starter is ​​located directly on the armature shaft. In most cases, such a starter can be seen on low-power gasoline engines. Due to their very simple design, such starters are repairable. The response time is small in them (the connection of the starter and the flywheel occurs very quickly). Accordingly, it is not heavy and not expensive. But such a mechanism has some disadvantages too. A significant disadvantage of a starter-less starter is a low power indicator. Because of this, it is not suitable for starting high-power engines. It is also sensitive to cold;

Gear starter. Immediately, the armature shaft is connected to the starter using a planetary gear. The introduction of the gearbox into the starter made it possible to increase power and starting torque, while the starter is not any larger. And by weight, it’s about twice as light as gearless. Its characteristic advantage is that even with a battery with an incomplete charge, it will start the engine. Here is a starter capable of starting powerful diesel, gasoline engines, not only in cars. As well as in trucks and on special equipment. The main drawback is the additional node, additional malfunctions may occur in it.

For what reason does the starter burn

In winter, the probability of burning your starter is much higher than in other seasons. This is directly related to the ambient temperature. Starting the engine in winter is more difficult than in summer. Therefore, in cold periods, the load on the starter will be maximum. Inexperienced drivers by carelessness can easily burn their starter.

There are a number of reasons why the winter season is the most unfavourable for a car starter:

The battery does not hold a charge ;

Engine oil thickens ;

Harder to start the engine.

The starter and the battery will have to do work for which they may not be designed. When you try to start the engine, a sufficiently large current is supplied to the starter, and if the operation in this mode is long, the contacts and electrical windings will quickly overheat. Long-term operation in this mode is guaranteed to end with the burnout of the components.

Selection rules and brand selection

The starter must be selected so that its characteristics correspond to engine power and battery parameters. So you will be sure that the engine will start without misfires. The first option: search for a spare part according to the parameters of your car. Second: Search by VIN code. If there is a desire to install non-native components, choose a starter in accordance with the characteristics that will show the best performance in the given operating conditions.

Looking at the relatively low cost of a starter, trying to save on it is a rather unwise undertaking. And the best option when buying is to pay attention only to the original and forget about the existence of inexpensive analogues.

Other troubles with the starter and the reasons for their occurrence:

The starter refuses to work when you turn the ignition key. The main reasons can be two: short circuit of the winding of the traction relay and jamming of the armature of the solenoid relay. In both cases, the relay changes to a new one or is being repaired;

Lack of battery current. There are already many reasons ranging from a trivially discharged battery to problems with wiring or terminals. It is possible that the ignition switch is faulty;

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