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6 Ways You Can Use Your Car to Strengthen Your Professional Image

As we all know, first impressions tend to stick around. This comes especially true in the case of the corporate world where opportunities for repairing the damage done are few, far between, and limited by the business necessities. How do cars factor in this whole story?

Well, for better or for worse, cars have always been seen as reflections of their owners. Just like shoes, vehicles can tell volumes about the person behind the wheel. So the next time you go to the meeting, you will have one more thing to worry about. The good news is that you do get another powerful tool you can use to shape your image and make that first impression last.

Let’s focus on the positive side of this story.

The type of the car indicates your personal traits

To put it simply, different types of personalities and life habits lean more naturally into the different types of vehicles. When you see a European sports sedan speeding down the street, you will assume that the person behind the wheel is meticulous, energetic, and performance-driven. Similarly, SUVs and trucks speak the story of family and reliability. So, use this simple fact to your advantage. For instance, if you’re working in the real estate industry, the families buying a home will trust someone who seems familiar and/or relatable. In this case, an SUV or a truck would be more than an appropriate choice.

The importance of choosing the most sensible option

While you are considering the model of the vehicle appropriate for your specific industry you have to keep in mind one important thing – your vehicle needs to be sensible for your position in the corporate hierarchy and your pay grade. Trying to impress the associates with an overly expensive vanity ride can only get you into debt while producing next to no positive effect. On the contrary, people who are trying too hard to impress are generally considered low-level, needy, and untrustworthy. Bottom line, use your car to make an impression but try not to push the limits.

Keeping the vehicle in top shape

Of course, no matter what kind of car do you own the way you maintain the vehicle speaks just as much about you as the vehicle itself. And cars that are neglected are very easy to spot. They roar, rattle, and leave clouds of smoke behind them. So, even if you are driving a compact Subaru, the people will think you are sloppy if you don’t put enough care into it. But, to follow this example, Subaru genuine parts are now readily available with nothing more than a couple of clicks, so you really don’t have an excuse for this one. Saving money on maintenance can cost you career-wise.

Using detailing for the best effects

With all things above said, driving an older vehicle doesn't have to be a disadvantage. As a matter of fact, cars with a bit of personal touch can go a long way in helping you cement your unique personal brand. But, in order to serve this high purpose, these old vehicles need to look shiny, polished, and pristine. One of the most popular ways of achieving these results is by doing an occasional wax treatment. But, if you want to get the most of your money, we suggest you go with a full ceramic coat. The protective layer you get is far more durable, and the visual effect very impressive.

Turning a car into a branding tool

Up until now, we have seen that the car you are driving describes some of your general business-related traits. But why keep things at the surface level when you can go deeper and reveal some of your passions, values, and worldviews. Let's take Tesla as a prime example. Buying this specific brand instead of any other electric car signals that the owner is tech-savvy, eco-aware, and ready to fight the windmills. Ford Mustang, above all other muscle cars in the world, has something deeply American and traditional built into its DNA. Don't underestimate the branding power of these details.

Giving some thought to the entrance

Last but not least, the car you are driving can help you make the right impression on your selected audience. The way you make an entrance even more so. Roaring around the family event will plain annoy the other visitors and make the impression you are grabbing for attention. Crowded conventions, on the other hand, require that kind of diversion to get you noticed. Either way, your parking skills should be flawless and the way in which you are entering or leaving the vehicle confident and high-status. You will have very little use for an expensive car if you fail at these basics.

We hope these few considerations gave you some idea about how cars shape a person's professional image and what you can do to use this as an asset rather than a liability. The contemporary business world is fast-paced and leaves very little room for amends. Use the opportunities you get to the fullest extent.