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The lower the faster? The whole truth about clearance

When the first wave of progressive tuning swept across Germany, France and the United States in the 1980s, "lowering the clearance" became a magic term.

Craft solutions lead to disaster

The easiest way to lower the car is to change the spring geometry. However, anyone who arbitrarily cuts the suspension springs in order to lower their car not only affects the safety of transport, but also commits illegal actions. The thing is that such cars are no longer safe for both the driver and the owners of other cars involved in road traffic.

Practical benefits

There is one good old truth, which for some unknown reason the tuning masters do not want to admit: if with this revision the car becomes more powerful / faster / more controllable / more beautiful, etc. - why weren't these amendments made at the manufacturing plant yet?

Driving in urban conditions with too low ground clearance is fraught with problems: pits, potholes and edges can simply destroy the body or the bottom

One of the significant advantages of the reduced ground clearance is the reduction in the distance between the headlights and the road, which gives an advantage when driving at night or in heavy fog. However, in addition to the optical advantages, as a practical use, the advantages of lowering the clearance are quite insignificant. Important to remember:

*  an understated car will not go faster

*  will not become economical;

*  in ordinary cars (all except fireballs), a decrease in ground clearance does not lead to any aerodynamic changes.

However, if the reduction process is carried out by competent specialists, proven components are supplied (not trimmed, not digested, but replaced by factory ones), then some advantages may appear:

1. Due to the lower center of gravity of the vehicle, road stability may slightly improve.

2. The car will wobble less when cornering.

Why a simple decrease in ground clearance affects performance negatively

There are several ways to lower the car: using shortened springs, installing a sports suspension, installing an adaptive chassis with electronic control.

It should be remembered that a simple decrease in clearance will not only not lead to positive results, but will also significantly reduce the performance of the car and its characteristics. The thing is that tires, discs, brakes, bodywork - everything was precisely and carefully calculated by the manufacturer for just such a clearance.

Therefore, in order to get the desired results from underestimation, constructive changes should be made to:

*  tires (pattern, size and thickness);

*  disks;

*  brake system;

*  body elements.

Thus, the reduction in ground clearance is only part of the overall concept, which must be planned and thought out completely, taking into account all the subtleties. Otherwise, there is a high probability of making a wrong decision, as a result of which the controllability of the machine, visibility will deteriorate, and repair costs will increase.

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