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Mercedes-AMG GT 73 Coupé 4: AMG power for the family

Mercedes-AMG GT 73, the four-door super sports car gives excellent performance in the petrol versions, while it is very “green” if you choose the hybrid.

Mercedes has been present in the super-sports sedan segment for some years with the four-door GT AMG. This model in its latest version has been equipped with an important number, 73, to indicate the volume of the powerful V8 Bi-Turbo engine.

Not only power, however, also interest in the environment since it is equipped with the hybrid system. Let's find out together in this article dedicated to her. Let's see everything there is to know about the Mercedes-AMG GT 73

Mercedes-AMG GT 73: technical sheet

The starting point is the Mercedes CLS which has undergone important chassis interventions, in fact the body has been heavily reinforced by the sports department of the Stuttgart house, in order to guarantee the right stiffness when engaged in sports driving.

Furthermore, a way had to be studied to guarantee an excellent housing to the mighty V8 Bi-Turbo which has a displacement of 4.0 cm3 with powers of 585 or 639 horsepower .

Still talking about performance it is good to point out those available in the hybrid versions . The engine in this case is a 3.0 6-cylinder with powers of 389 and 457 horsepower respectively .

The traction control is available in only one setting, integral, for all models.

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Modern interior with lots of tech

Surprisingly, the interior of the GT does not have touch controls , a surprise compared to rivals but not for the brand, given that the entire infotainment system is managed from the central console.

The speedometer is of course digital and the screen changes depending on the mode you choose to adopt (they should be the usual ones - comfort, sport, slippery (for wet), Race (only for use on the track) and Individual (you can manage the settings to your taste eg.

Suspension has different settings as well that can be easily chosen.

The infotainment system offers a 12.3-inch display that allows you to have all the main parameters of the car under control as well as to be used as a navigator.

The connection to Apple CarPlay is available as standard , while there should also be the possibility of connecting the car to your smartphone if this is an Android type, consequently equipped with Android Auto.

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