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That’s a 10-4: the importance of CB radio in trucking

The faithful CB radio has long been a vital piece of trucking technology. Here, we take a look at why these products are such an imperative appendage for truckers across Australia.

They are literally life savers

Any trucker will tell you that trucking is dangerous. You don’t even have to have seen Ice Road Truckers to know this - driving on long stretches of Aussie road is dangerous enough.

So, if you are looking to buy Uniden CB radio, you will be well aware of their life saving capabilities. Renowned for their low cost, versatile application and reliability, they are designed for truckers to communicate with each other via short-distance radio system with the 27 MHz (11 m) band.

Through communicating via this helpful tech, truckers are able to inform each other of all kinds of road conditions, including everything from traffic jams to hazardous weather conditions.

And, given that they can alert other truckers of hazardous weather conditions, as well as be utilised in the case of a trucker having broken down far from any Aussie town, they are a vital piece of equipment that can literally save lives on the long road between docking.

They are still a vital piece of technology

Despite smartphones naturally becoming the most popular method for communication, the technology is still a popular piece of trucking technology. Despite their fairly limited range, they can still be used in the right conditions, depending on factors like number of drivers on the channel, buildings blocking the band as well as the natural landscape.

Obviously, smartphones don’t have such distance limits, but are less reliable in areas with subpar coverage. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring you have a means of communication when the mobile is down and out - the CB radio is the way to go.

For this reason, they are still in usage and are often considered a great backup to the mobile phone. What’s more, many truckers still like the traditional element of using this classic tech as opposed to a mobile phone, and they are easier (and actually legal) to use when driving.

They are just a great piece of communication for Aussie truckers

Sure, modern tech has its outrageously optimised capabilities, but hey, Aussie truckers can’t actually use them whilst driving, whilst they can use the legendary CB radio to communicate when out on the road.

Trucking is a life changing commitment, one that requires the driver to be on the road for many hours at a time without seeing friends and family. Sometimes, truckers are away from home for long periods, and this can include long, isolated stretches of road where you may not see a soul for hours.

Therefore, it’s important for them to have a way to communicate with other truckers and not just for the safety part of it. They have long been an imperative method of socialising for truckers when on long drives, ensuring they have a crew to chat with and shoot the breeze as they go from dock to dock.

For this reason - and of course the safety part of things - the CB radio is still a favourite piece of equipment for truckers who don’t feel the need to sit around scrolling through Instagram in their breaks whilst ensuring they have a vital means of communication if their smartphone wasn’t working in a particular, potentially hazardous area.

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