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How Michigan BDIC Can Help Interpret and Improve Your Driving Record

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(PRLEAP.COM) If you are a licensed driver, you have a record in the Michigan Department of State Drivers Database. Each record includes the name, date of birth, physical description, and address of the driver. It has the type of license (operator, chauffer, farm, motorcycle, etc.). And, of course, it has a record of accidents, traffic violations, license suspensions, restrictions and points.

The State has put together the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) program that allows eligible drivers to take this driver improvement course either online or in a classroom setting as a way of keeping their driving record from showing violations and points and to keep insurance rate from rising buy not reporting violations to insurance companies if the course is successfully completed.

Administered by independent companies like EIP Michigan, the Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) can help keep a driver's record clean and his insurance rate low. The course teaches defensive driving strategies, ways to reduce the chances of getting into an accident, how to deal with distractions and fatigue, how to use safety features of the vehicle, and ways in which drugs, alcohol, and physical and emotional conditions can affect a driver's decision making process.

According to the Michigan State Police studies, 70% of drivers who pass the course have no future collisions or violations over a nine-year period.

The BDIC is conveniently offered online at, as well as in classrooms at multiple locations around the state. This way basically anyone can have access to the course. By choosing to take this course, an eligible driver can avoid having accident or ticket information put on his driving record or given to the insurance company. Taking the BDIC is a great option, and can save drivers money in the long run as well as improve their driving records.

EIP Michigan is dedicated to providing educational programs and counseling services designed to satisfy court, state and employer mandated requirements. EIP Michigan has been providing driving education programs since 1969.

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