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Embarking On Property Development

Real estate is an amazing investment opportunity and should be something that everyone looks into at some point in their lives. But property development is a whole other ballgame; not only are you buying property, but you're going to be building in. And for many, they don't just build one house. In fact, if you're looking to build to sell then multiple times then it does work out cheaper to build a bunch of properties at once, and you will obviously gain more profit quicker that way too. If this is the route you are looking to go down, then you will have a lot of things to learn on the way, but first, consider the who, what, when, where, and how of the whole project.


Let's start with where are you going to build your properties? You need a decent sized piece of land which is good to develop on. You don't want to buy land only to find that it's full of marsh pits, so make sure you do the right research. Also consider the local area - is there a town close by, or are you developing in the centre of it? This will affect the prices you can ask for your houses, plus it might influence your choice of building some apartments amongst the houses.


Now you can look at how you're going to get permission to develop. You might meet some opposition from the locals if you're looking to build in a small town, so try and be conscientious of their thoughts. You will also need legal permission off the local governing body to go ahead - and for that you need a plan as to what you're actually going to build.


For your planning permission, and for going forward with your plans - what are going going to build? A mix of house sizes is always preferable, that way you stagger the price range of the buildings and attract a larger range of people. Different houses of the same structure will end up with different sized gardens, drives and garages which are all things that will affect the price. If you're not a designer yourself, you will need to contact an architect at this point, if not earlier.


Now that you have a plan, it's time to get hiring. Who to employ should work in a slight domino effect; civil contracting services, like offered by will begin the ground work, and should be able to recommend a building crew. Your architect will be able to recommend interior designers, if they don't do it themselves.


When are your homes open to the public? Make sure that you have show homes ready to be viewed as soon as possible as people sometimes need the time to sell their existing home, and people like to buy what's new. If you sell the house before it's built you can also offer a customisation service for fixtures and add-ons.