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Great Pest Control Tips Businesses Need To Know

Commercial pest control can be pretty valuable for a business as it saves money, time and protects reputation. We have to acknowledge the fact that online reviews for retail stores, restaurants, hotels and practically any commercial establishment changed the way in which we do research when traveling. If customers find pests on a property, huge scandals can appear. Working with an experienced pest control Perth company is always a good idea but what else can you do?

Door Sweeps

Most property managers mistakenly think that pests enter through cracks in the foundation or walls. In reality, doors stand out as the easiest entry point. Installing door sweeps is a really good idea since they are efficient and highly economical. Insect and rodent entry is prevented through an access point that is really simple.

Floor Drains

As food waste enters the drain, people think it just goes away. Residual food particles will create strong odors that will attract pests. The janitorial and maintenance teams have to be sure all drains are inspected. P-traps also have to be regularly serviced.


This is one thing most people do not know or do not realize. For many buildings landscaping is great since it increases curb appeal. However, at the same time it can increase the possibility of attracting pests. There are specific species of plants, trees and flowers that attract wildlife and unwanted insects. You want to work with the landscaping firm you hire in order to use as little of those species as possible. Alternatively, discuss this topic with a pest control company as it can easily tell you what should be avoided in the area where the property is found.

Standing Water

While it is quite easy to figure out that you need to constantly empty the trash bins as they attract pests, one thing you may not know is that standing water is also damaging. For instance, mosquitos will breed when in standing water. Cockroaches and rats can actually swim.

You want to look out for plant pots, parking lot potholes and bird baths. Then, look at hoses, sprinklers and all automatic watering systems. Whenever standing water is present, there is a high possibility that pests are going to appear.

Mop Heads

This area is quite a big issue, although few people know it. Having damp mop heads or dirty mop heads offer a great environment for the appearance of fruit flies. An infestation can so easily happen. What you want to do is hang the mop heads upside down. This allows heads to properly dry. Change the mop heads as regularly as necessary to increase the possibility of preventing pest problems.


As you can see, there are various situations that cause pest problems and you do not even know this is the case. With most infestations, the property owners are highly surprised to learn why this actually happened. It is a really good idea to contact experienced pest control companies and discuss what can be done to protect the commercial property.