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Voted #1: Eva Mattresses Improve Sleep and Productivity

Poor-quality sleep decreases emotional stability, mental clarity, physical strength and productivity. The Eva Mattress company understands this and has designed a mattress that will improve sleep and productivity, while also being affordable. The Eva mattress has satisfied hundreds of customers and been voted the Best Mattress in a Box in both 2017 and 2018.


3 Ways that poor-quality sleep decreases productivity


A bad night of sleep decreases quality of life and work performance, while also increasing the risk of accidents, because it:

Causes emotional instability - The amygdala deep within our brain regulates emotions and helps the prefrontal cortex make decisions. Irregular sleep increases the amygdala’s sensitivity to negative stimuli and decreases its interaction with the prefrontal cortex. These changes leave us feeling anxious and irritable, while also decreasing our emotional self-control and increasing the likelihood of emotional decisions.

Obstructs cognition - As we sleep, the glymphatic system removes toxins from our brain and distributes vital nutrients. Consistent lack of sleep keeps the glymphatic system from working properly. The resulting accumulation of toxins and lack of nutrients causes delayed reactions and short attention spans, as well as a decrease in perception and understanding.

Decreases physical strength – Our immune systems works during the day to protect us from pathogens and then renew themselves as we sleep. When we don’t sleep well, our immune system loses its sensitivity to invaders and leaves us vulnerable to infections, colds and flus.

Lack of sleep also triggers stress hormones which strain our hearts and increase inflammation in the digestive tract. Consistent insomnia gradually decreases the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to our bodies, as well as opens the door for food allergies, malabsorption and other digestive complaints.


3 Ways that Eva Mattresses boost sleep and productivity

For good-quality sleep and optimal productivity, doctors recommend that we use a mattress that supports our skeletal system, provides comfort and wears well. The Eva mattress meets each of these requirements in the following ways:


Ample Support - Eva mattresses have 2 layers of springs that provide exceptional support. 5-zone pocket springs make up the innermost layer. These springs rise and fall individually to fit your unique body shape and support your skeletal system. A thick layer of dense foam covers the pocket springs and provides the foundation for a layer of micro-springs. This second layer of springs distributes your weight evenly and relieves pressure on your shoulders, lower back, hips and knees.

Outstanding Comfort - 100% Dunlop latex and memory foam infused with cooling gel make up the Eva mattress’ comfort layer. The Dunlop latex gives the mattress springy softness, while also discouraging the growth of dust-mites and other microbes. The layer of gel-infused memory foam provides a light, fluffy top and also distributes heat away from your body to help you sleep comfortably.

Built to last - The Eva Mattress Company strives to keep the price of their mattresses below $1,000 and they manage to do this by carefully sourcing the high-quality raw materials that they use. Every Eva mattress is made to last more than 10 years and has a 12 year warranty against all manufacturing defects.


Considering how the Eva Mattress improves sleep and productivity by way of top-quality support, comfort and durability, it is not surprising that it was voted the Best Mattress in a Box in both 2017 and 2018.