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Nuisance Free Staffing

Rosterfy embraces an internationally leading, digital workforce management platform. This novel product makes it comfortable for the event organizers to use a completely integrated scheduling software with regard to their entire workforce, from the paid staff to the volunteers.

This platform has revolutionized the event industry through the utilization of a software to streamline their management of workforce. The features of this management software could comprise:

  • *  Attendance Management.

  • *  Calendar Management.

  • *  Event Management.

  • *  Group Management.

  • *  Member Directory.

  • *  Membership Management.

  • *  Recognition Management.

  • *  Registration Management.

  • *  Scheduling.

  • *  Self Service Portal.

  • *  Training Management.

  • *  Volunteer Profiles.

This administrative network would be helping you in reducing manual hours by facilitating all your event staffing events in a single, online and centralized platform. It could be called a program designed by the event workforce managers for the event workforce managers. The Rosterfy experience: You could make this software your own portal by customizing the user console and the volunteer portal through your style and brand. You could recruit your team by getting your team prepared with your custom registration form or upload your existing database with the migration tools of the event staff rostering system.

The setting up of your event embraces creation of customized emails and templates, keeping up the track of the activities pertaining to electronic mail and SMS, in addition to the analysis of the email pursuit for optimization in the future time period. In connection with the scheduling of your team, you could match staff and the volunteers to shifts and the handiness with visibility of their past record, applications, alterations and withdrawals. Running a smooth event involves creating comfortably the event shifts, roles and positions. The acceptance of you as the user is tracked to schedules along with the electronic rostering, the real time control of attendance. As far as the team recognition is concerned, show your appreciation regarding a post event email, photographs, event summary, imminent opportunities as well as a volunteer certificate.

As narrated, the Rosterfy has untangled the procedure for the management of human resource through the provision of a platform that is digital as well as friendly to the user such as you for the workforce and the client too.

It is professed that the data management and rostering system comprises the subsequently touched upon elements:

  • *  Volunteer portal that grasps the relevant information inclusive of the previous experience and the skills, that assist with the recruitment process for the responsibilities with specific requirements.
  • *  Confirm in/out in real time, to enable the multitude of users including you at the same time.

  • *  Facilitating the communications inclusive of the performance pertaining to email and the SMS.

  • *  The capacity, through digital workforce management platform, to duplicate the past events so as to save time in setting up the individual events from one to another year.

  • *  The group function, that permits you to import a list and communicate without deviation to them along with particular roles and etcetera. This is remarkable while at work with the charity partners where you require to track the sign ups!

In the scenario you aspire for a platform in a different language, this is not a hurdle! It is in progress at assisting the event staff and the volunteer managers throughout the globe in the management of their events across a number of languages. The platform is a highly intelligent plan of action that permits you to implement numerous languages on the single platform. You could request for a demonstration of the platform in connection with the claim that the it upgrades your needs for staffing. In addition, you can book in time to have a chat about your business and how the program could operate for you.

In view of the system perspective, the rostering software has been claimed to be critical for people, in the shape of a workforce team, as a determinant of success. This provides a hub for the whole human technology resource management information as well as the data. It is also considered as the individual and group communications plus it saves time through the removal of time consuming spreadsheets having digital errors. It is greatly hoped that you would be in a position to go for the Rosterfy platform in connection with your business unit after having arrived at your decision through the employment of understanding gained through the present composition.