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How To Unplug From The Online World for Ultimate Relaxation

If you’re having a hard time relaxing and preparing yourself for a long week ahead, below are a few tips on how to unplug from the online world and replenish your energy.

Leave Your Work At Work

Unplugging from your hectic schedule and heavy responsibilities starts by deciding that you aren’t going to take your work home with you. The last thing you want to do is spend a family vacation or long weekend constantly checking emails that have rolled in, the next one just as important as the last, and taking away precious time from your friends and family. Learn to let go and recognize that your work will be waiting for you in the office on Monday morning where you left it and doesn’t need to follow you on your trip to the Bahamas or family trip to the cottage.

This means that you will need to ensure all your confidential data is secure enough for you to step away. Rather than leaving it exposed on your desk or on your computer’s hard drive, opt instead to store it in Firmex’s secure virtual data room while you’re away so that only the right parties can access it if necessary.

Disconnect For As Long As Possible

When you do decide that you need some time to unplug from the online world and enjoy the present moment, be sure to disconnect from your devices for as long as possible in order to establish a habit. If you’re used to checking social media or your emails as soon as you wake up, instead hold off on all online activity except for a designated time every day when you are rested and ready to handle it. It also helps that iOS systems have the function to track your screen time; a useful tool if you think you are on your phone less than you actually are. Seeing how many hours you spend a day scrolling through your feed could encourage you to step away and interact more with the real world around you as you try to relax.

Practice A Forgotten Hobby

Take the time that you are away from your devices to rediscover something that you enjoyed doing before the internet was as prevalent and necessary for every day life. This could be as solitary as creative writing or as social as soccer—whatever the outlet, let yourself have somewhere to release built up stress from a long work week through a means that doesn’t involve the internet. Building interests outside of the online world will allow you to make the choice of how you want to spend your time or entertain yourself rather than resorting to staying online even if it isn’t bringing you as much joy.

Get Some Fresh Air

Getting outside, even on a cloudy day, is a great way to unplug and enjoy your own company without the distraction of your phone or computer. Take a long walk around your neighbourhood and discover some new restaurants that you may not have noticed before or stop by a friend’s house for a quick catch up. Face-to-face socialization and exercise has been proven to decrease stress levels, build confidence, and improve your overall well-being.

Meditate Before You Start Your Day

One of the best ways to really unplug yourself from any stress-inducing habits, whether external or internal, is by practicing meditation on a regular basis, especially before you start your day. While some people can meditate for hours on end, for others only a minute or two is all that’s possible in an era where information and entertainment is coming toward you at lightening speed. It’s hard to have your mind focused on absolutely nothing, which is why meditation has become a sort of workout regimen in itself. Ultimate relaxation is impossible if your mind is constantly buzzing with work stress or negative relationships, which is why it’s important to train your mind to let those go and only spend time on productive thoughts.

Practice Self-Care

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do to relax is focus on yourself. Allow for some time on your own, especially after a busy and social week, to recharge and prepare yourself for the week ahead. This can include a warm bubble bath, a trip to a spa, or just a day lounging in the couch, reading a good book and snacking on your favourite foods. You should be putting yourself ahead of your online activity after days or weeks of mental and emotional burnout.