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The Team-Building Exercises That Really Work

In your business, you have a number of teams. It is vital that these teams work as well together as possible if you want the business itself to do well, and yet it can be such a challenge to make sure that they do. Part of the reason that teams often fail to work well together is that there is some tension in the team which can’t easily be accounted for. That, or there is just not enough of a chance for the individuals within the team to get to know each other, which makes working together that much harder. Whatever the underlying reason, you should always aim to try and keep your teams close, so that they can work together as easily as possible.

You will no doubt have thought about team building exercises before, but it can often be hard to separate out what works from what is just nonsense. However, finding that which works and pursuing it is bound to be a great way forwards, and that is why we are going to look at that today. Here are some of the best team-building exercises which you should find actually work very well, and which could help to lead your teams to greater and greater success together.

Social Events

One of the most important things that you should consider here is that you allow plenty of time for people to get together outside of work and bond socially. The better that your people bond socially, the more likely it is that they will be able to fully enjoy being together at work. Inevitably, this will lead to a team that works together much better, so it is absolutely something that you should be looking into. As well as ensuring that they have plenty of time to do this kind of activity, you could even help out by arranging some of these activities yourself. The more of these that you arrange, the more likely it is that your teams will enjoy being in each others’ company, but that doesn’t mean that you should overdo it. As with anything, there is still likely to be something of a saturation point, which you will probably want to try and avoid as best as you can.



Anyone who plays sports regularly will know full well that it is a great way to bond with other people, and for that reason it is something that you might want to consider as a possible means of your teams getting closer together. Again, part of this is actively encouraging it, and you can even make it something that you put in the business’ calendar for the year. You might even want to host a number of tournaments or get people to go to clubs for specific sports in the area. However you do it, it is bound to really positively affect your business and the people who work for you. When everyone goes out every now and then to play sport together, you will find that your teams are going to be much stronger, especially if you can focus on those sports which are themselves heavily team-oriented. Consider this, as it is hugely effective and well worth thinking about.


You might have a healthy suspicion of gossip in the workplace, and it’s true that you generally don’t want to encourage anything that is going to be too negative of other people in the business, in any way. But it is also perfectly possible to engage in some occasional relatively healthy gossip with the people in your employment, and that is something that can actually lead to some great improvements to how well your teams perform as a whole. When a team can gossip lightly and in a good-natured way about others, it has an irresistible way of bringing them together, and that means that they are instantly stronger as a team. For that purpose, you should make sure that you allow this kind of gentle gossip and that your workplace is as light-hearted as possible - while also being sure to clamp down hard on anyone who crosses the line. Get the balance right, and you might be surprised at the power of gossip used in the right way.


These will all be effective means of building up your teams, and you should make sure that you are happy to consider them if you want your own teams to do as well as possible in the workplace. As long as you provide opportunity for such exercises, you will find that your business has a much greater chance of success.